Thursday, March 28, 2013

How do parents face?

Challenge merely by bryan: How do I confront my Birth Parents?

So I was adopted directly from my birth parents at 8 months old, so I remember nothing about them. Now I am getting ready to finally “meet” them, and I don’t know how to react. Should I hug them? Shake hands? What?

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Best solution:

Answer by Ryn

hug them. if they seem standoffish, by it…stick to your adopted parents. but, most likely…i think they’ll expect a big hug from you. especially your mother.

Answer by Extra-Ordinary

Well this is a tough one…

I was with my mom for 11 years after my biological father left years before my birth.Today i have a dad and 2 beautiful siblings. If i wanted to see my biological father, I’d stat off with the hand shake. Then i wouldn’t plan anything ahead,but keep the thought ‘they are friends’ in my head to help with conversation…

Good luck parents face How do parents face? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com And relax,they are also people and would have the same reaction. And they won’t be expecting you to be completely relaxed

Answer by Judy.May.

Maybe shake their hands. If your birth mother goes in for a hug and you are okay with that then do that. you have to feel them out. it’s hard to plan out how you’re going to react because you can’t tell how they will feel.

You might cry, you might feel sad, angry, happy, all at once. they might feel the same.

It’s really hard to plan, just try to maybe plan for an emotional time. Keep something light hearted to read and your favorite music.

Remember, they probably have a lot of guilt letting someone else raise an awesome person. But also there’s a reason they gave you a better life then they could give.

I hope everything works out for you.

I hope this helps.

Cheers parents face How do parents face? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com

Answer by Nikita

Well, I’d pay attention to their body language and how they react when they see you. See if they run up and hug you first. If they’re all smiles and seem really excited, hug them! If they seem awkward, tense, or anything like that smile at them and give them a hand shake. But do tell them that you’re excited to meet them and all because it could possibly mean that they don’t really want to weird you out or maybe they don’t think you feel like they abandoned you.

So basically, if they’re smiling, excited, etc. Then hug them, if they don’t hug you first. Otherwise, it’d be safest to just shake their hand but definitely let them know you’re happy to meet them!

Answer by Yaritza

Just start off with a handshake. If I were you I would find out why they set me up for adoption. If they just didn’t want you I would just leave it alone and not bother with them. If they didn’t want me before why would they want me now? And do they deserve a second chance?

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How do parents face?

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