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How old are you in heaven? Flesh from heaven you believe this? Why people “meet” other people do not

Challenge from melissa m: How old are you in heaven? Do you believe in a physical body in heaven? Why do people “meet” others there

If you died really old, or crippled, would you want to live eternity out in heaven in that condition, or would you be 20 years old, or whatever age you want to be?

Or do most Christians or Catholics believe you are only in heaven in spirit.

If that is so, how do you “meet” your relatives, etc. there.

Also, what if you really couldn’t stand certain relatives, or ex husbands, etc. Do you have to see them if you don’t want to?

Not trying to be rude.

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Answer by Esther

No one is going to have anything wrong with their bodies in heaven. The bible tells us that we will be “imperishable”…the body will not know age, disease, any of the things that affect our bodies on this earth.

When it comes to how “old” we will be, I don’t know. I hope I’ll be always young though, 20 something would be fine *smile*.

When it comes to seeing other people in heaven, you are not going to be the same person then as you are here. You will not be critical, arrogant, rude, mean, impatient, any of those things, and no one else will either. There will be no more sin in us. The bible says when we are in heaven, “we shall know, as we shall be fully known”. We will know those who have gone before us. If they were believers, of course.

And don’t forget, Jesus is the only way to heaven, there is no other way. Whether it’s you, or your relatives, only believers in Jesus Christ go to heaven.

Also, there is no marriage in heaven. Jesus was asked that question by a woman who was married seven times on earth. His response was….she will have no husband in heaven. He said we shall “be like the angels”, who neither marry nor are given in marriage.

Answer by mercedes

i think about this stuff too

i dont know

if something happened and you died at 20 and you have a child, and that child died at 60–will they be older than you in heaven???

what if you were married 5 times??? Which spouse would you spend eternity with??? I guess we’ll find out one day…

Answer by Truthseeker

Check out the following link!…

Answer by world_sucker

well, what i thinik is that we won’t have any physical body in heaven but we will have spirit instead of the body. we will be invisible. after death, the spirit presents on heaven. in my belief, the person whose spirit is in heaven gets to meet god and all the saints first and then the family. even if a person used to hate someone on earth, you might have a peaceful relationship with him or her by the help of God. what i mean is that God will help you getting over all the quarells towards relations because his mind is forgiving and he loves others to forgive. I think we will be the same aged in heaven. for example, if i dies in 50 years old, i will still be 50 over there because after jesus’s death, he is most likely to be the same in heaven as he was on earth. this answer is from my brain. i dnot know how it helped you but i tried my best. please comment me back and let me know at thnx.

Answer by LDRship

In heaven, people will not have an age. That is because age is a measure of passing years in a temporary life. The life in heaven is eternal and there is no passage of time, because time is a created phenomenon that will pass away at the final judgment. Instead of “age” and other differences, people will have differences in their level of spiritual perfection – and this will have nothing to do with how old they were on earth when they died. There may be a person who lived on earth only a few days (i.e. died as a baby) who is much more spiritually developed than someone who lived to be 100!

As for whether your are in heaven in spirit only, no that is not the case. Christ clearly tells us that our bodies will be resurrected and will be reunited with our souls in heaven.

As for meeting relatives, ex-husbands, etc. whom you couldn’t stand on earth – couple of points on this. One, Christ tells us that in heaven “they will not be married nor given in marriage, but will be like the angels” – so from this we understand that our relationships with people there will not be the same as they were on earth. Second, if you “can’t stand” certain people on earth, you have to think carefully about whether or not you will get to heaven in the first place. What gets us into heaven is being Christ-like – having love (and patience) even for one’s “enemies” and those that hate us. If we in turn hate back, or can’t stand someone, and don’t make an effort to love that person even if they are our “enemy”, then we are not being Christ-like. Think about it.

Answer by gorbalizer

Hi there all good questions so here are the answers in the Bible in 1st Cor 15:50 it says flesh and blood cancannot inherit Gods Kingdom read the full context for your self so that being the case those in Heaven would not have fleshly bodies but spiritual ones so age is not revelant and contrary to popular opinion not everone goes to Heaven but only those so chosen and hand picked by God and that number is small according to Rev 7 :4-8 and Rev 14:1 that Number is 144,000 ….as for the rest Rev 7: 9,10 tells of a great crowd that will inherit a cleansed paradise Earth just like Adam and Eve this is mentioned in numerous places like Ps 37: 9-11,29 Isa 65 :17-25 Rev 21:3,4 and many others hope this answers your questions Gorbalizer

Answer by Maggie

You are not going to have a age in heaven. Nobody is. It dosn’t matter if you are 90 or 30 when you die. Once you get to heaven, the Bible says that you are going to be a new creation! That means you will have a new body. So if you were crippled or something, you wouldn’t be crippled in heaven!! It will be the actual you, just in a new body. Once you are in Heaven, there will be no more hurt or pain or feelings of bitterness. When you are in heaven, you will meet relatives there because they will be in a new body too. Even though you are going to have a new body, you can still recognize the person and talk to them. Also in heaven, you are not going to have any bad feelings toward one another. Yes, you will see them, if they made it to heaven. Keep in mind that to get to heaven, you have to be saved. In Romans 10:9 is says : “That if you confess with you mouth, “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” It says in Matthew 7:21-23 : “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’” The reason why I gave you these scriptures is because some people believe that if they do good things, they will get to heaven. That is not true. You have to accept Him into your heart. I am not sure if you believe that or not, but I just thought I would throw that out. Soooo many people believe that and end up going to hell if they don’t really get saved!!! Hope I helped a little!!

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How old are you in heaven? Flesh from heaven you believe this? Why people “meet” other people do not

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