Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to get people to notice me?

Challenge made by Anna: How Can I Get A Guy To Notice Me?

There is this guy(named Mitchell)that I like.We have talked only 2 times before.I am constantly trying to think of ideas to”meet”him or how to “accidentally”drop something so that he will pick it up for me.I know that this is sort of sad,but I am desperate.I’ve noticed that he does look at me a lot though.Is that a good sign or am I just imagining things because I am so desperate?

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Optimum solution:

Answer by adam

Slap his a$ $ the next time you walk past him.

Answer by Monica

your prolly just imagining it because you want it to happen cause i used to do that… or mayb he is looking at you

Answer by Deleted

You could try talking to him, then flirting with him. If he reciprocates you could ask to hang out.

Answer by Karina G


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Answer by Barry

I think it is a good thing and a good sign. I think that you have to talk to him a little bit more but I wouldnt try to dress different to turn his head because you will end up turning everyone els head but his.

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Answer by LEANNE

I would suggest the next time you make eye contact with him, holding his stare for a little longer than is comfortable. This is a sure sign to a guy that you are interested, then if he’s interested he won’t look away! x

Answer by Sarah Sue.

ask him to borrow something like a pen or something simple like that and then start a conversation with him and see how that goes .

Answer by Zoe C

Your Probably not imagining it . just act confident around him and chat away to him . there’s some signs you can notice to see if he likes you . one thing is that if yer in a crowd and hes there if his feet start to point towards u that’s kinda a sign he wants you because people tend to face in the direction of what they want without realizing it . or else just get a friend to ask what he thinks of you .

Answer by astrogurl

oh ..drop a pen o somethin and mostly he will pick it up for you..then say thanks ..start a convo say “i’ve seen you around ,are you …..(blah blah blah)….

Answer by Ben Bennett

You know, the typical chick-flick moves (accidentally drop something) do not always work, he might just walk away and think you’re weird. Don’t you have friends in common? you could ask these friends to officially introduce you to Mitchell or something. If you two have some classes together just be brave and sit next to him or just talk to him before/after class. Some small talk can then lead to common interests that you can discuss over a Coffee?

If he looks at you a lot, as you say, it’s a good sign, go for it.

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How to get people to notice me?

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