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How to make a good husband and father?

Challenge basically by Silkie: What makes a good husband and father?

What qualities, attributes make a man a good husband and/or father?

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Best answer:

Answer by idon’tknow

Caring, loving , supportive, a good listener, a good provider and someone that you can count on when you need someone.

Answer by I Love Babies

A husband loves his wife more than himself, and is always there for his children no matter what.

Answer by Lucia

i think you wont know until hes a father. a woman changes and gets her mothers intuition when she gets pregnant but a man doesn’t change until he sees the baby and holds the baby for the first time. and all a father needs to be a good father is love

Answer by Diamond..No Longer In The Rough

I am a bit old fashioned so this is my opinion…..

A good husband and father provides protection and income for the family. The wife is his” helpmate” in these areas, but the brunt of the responsibility is his and he accepts it willingly, without making them feel as though they are a burden.

He spends time with his family. Making certain their needs are taken care of first, before he assists in the community. His wife never has to worry about someone showing up on her homes doorstep saying he has done “this and that” because he makes certain that he takes care of his business dealings discretely.

A good father teaches his children by example, how to be a good husband and father. If they are boys, he shows by example what the duties of a good father and husband are so the boys will grow up and imitate him when they have families. His daughters will have seen the way he treated their mother and look for a husband with similar, good qualities.

My opinion…

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How to make a good husband and father?

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