Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Skype without a webcam (Skype)?

Problem courtesy of morekah: How can I Skype without a webcam?

I’m supposed to be in a “group meeting” on skype, but I don’t have a webcam and I’m not sure how to use my computer’s microphone. I have a polaroid digital camera and I heard that I could use it, but don’t I need some kind of converter or something? Basically what I’m asking is, how likely is it that I can participate in this skype meeting? How the heck do I use this skype thing in general?

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Best solution:

Answer by Jon

I’m sorry, Skype cannot run without a webcam. The cheapest one I found was at

Answer by David Schwarz

download an imitation webcam program. You can find one with a free trial, where it will just show random photos of you as your webcam images. you will select the photos to put in there.

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How to Skype without a webcam (Skype)?

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