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I’m a Christian and I support same-sex marriage, I need to stop support?

Main problem by Francesco: I am a christian and I support same sex marriage should I stop supporting it?

I am a roman catholic and I am proud supporter of Gay marriage, I belive that gays can love each other just as much as straight people can. and I belive they should have the right to marry, I know catholics accept homosexuality, but not gay marriage. I want to be a good christian but I still want to support gay marriage. So what should I do???????

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Best solution:

Answer by Kylie

Keep supporting it!!!(:

Answer by Natalie

no you have the right to your own opinion

Answer by Elated

Three questions for you to answer this question.

1. Do you believe the Bible is the inherent word of God?

2. Do you read the Bible?

3. Do you practice the principles God has given us to live our lives?

Answer by

I agree with you, and it makes me go back to the bible, Judge not you be judge.

Answer by LEYKIS 101

Real christian do not support gay marriage!!! Do what makes you happy

Answer by Rick M

No-one can answer this question – only you. As a fellow Roman Catholic, I can tell you that there are some that believe that everything that the Church teaches – is the right thing – and they would use that basis to make the judgment. Others, like myself – believe that it is far more important to make one’s own morale decisions and live their life accordingly.

My best advice to you would be to do what you KNOW is right – not what you believe that you are supposed to do – whichever way that leads you.

Answer by Emile Stonwall

I am a Christian and I support it simply because its a civil right. But personally I am against homosexuality morally and I believe its wrong. I simply don’t let my personal feelings affect my choices on matters like civil rights and my friendships.

Answer by Court2114

I am also a Christian and i also fully support same-sex marriage. I love my religion, but i don’t let the bible control my life. I am my own person and i have my own opinions. I do not agree with a few things in the bible…that 2 of the same sex can’t love each the same as 2 of the opposite sex; that women are made to be a man’s “helpmate” — essentially, that they aren’t equal; that birth control shouldn’t be used; that physical discipline is the only “good” type of discipline for children.

You don’t have to follow the bible word for word in order to be Christian. Anybody who tells you that is full of crap up to their eyeballs.

Answer by B S

So you are just going to do whatever we say on YA? Why not keep doing what you are doing now, until you decide to change your mind.

Answer by Ques

well its what you believe in more. it clearly states in the bible that same sex marriage and well being gay overall is wrong.

pick one. the bible or gay marriage….

Answer by Ocimom

Sorry you cannot be a “good” Christian and support gay marriage when it clearly states that its against God. While Christians are to love one another, it doesn’t mean you accept or condone what you know is against God.

God doesn’t hate homosexuals, but he does make it clear that homosexuality IS a sin and will be condemmed. Better be reading your Bible more and asking for God to show you the truth.

Answer by Lloyd Christmas

Stop supporting it AKA STOP SPITTING ON GOD! that is exactly what you are doing when you support “gay marriage” (LOfkingL) I no longer believe in the false god but i HATE gays! They make me friggin PUKE!!! what do you call a lesbian dinosaur?? LICKOLOTTAPUS!! think i might go fag bashing tonight…if i broke a carpet munchers nose, would i get in trouble for hitting a MAN or a WOMAN?? mim guessing neither….LOL good luck to ya! you will need it! i hear hell is cold, see ya down there!!

Answer by Sue C

I too am a Christian & I DO support gay “unions”. As a matter of fact, my youngest Son is gay & just got “married” a few mons. ago. I sat & cried at his ceremony just as I did at his Sister & Brother’s weddings. I feel this is NOT by “choice”, this is the way they were born. He was bro’t up no differently than my other two children, did attempt to date a few girls, but it just didn’t work out. I never tho’t anything of it tho. A few yrs. ago he told us all he was gay & no one in the family thinks any less of him. I DO however feel a “marriage” is between a husband & wife, a “union” is between same sex commitments. I however have not told him this is the way I feel, I feel there’s no need to. I am happy for him that he has someone to fill his life with happiness as apposed to living alone & being lonely. They get along fabulously, don’t argue, instead they “compromise” on things instead. I’ve often tho’t if more marriages were as their union, there sure would be fewer divorces. Believe as you will as I am doing the same thing…best to you…:)

Answer by Oldwhiteguy2earth

There is only one thing that is dangerous with gay marriage. That is that some gay couples will want to seek revenge on established religion. When gay marriage is legalized, they will petition to be married at various churches. The churches will respectfully decline based on their religious beliefs and the couples will sue on the basis of discrimination for $ 100 million. If you can solve this problem I am all for it. One solution might be to make all marriages civil ceremonies, and then people can have an additional non-binding ceremony in a church if they like.

Answer by Pjay

First let me say I do not believe you should stop supporting same sex marriage. BUT…..

What the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality is that BEING a homosexual is a okay but engaging in sexual activity with a person of the same gender is a sin. The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is for the purpose of producing children so two people of the same gender cannot be married as the union cannot produce children. The Church will assume the marriage is “open to the possibility of children” if one or both (opposite gendered) people are unable to have children, provided the partners would be open to having children. You cannot be married in the Catholic Church if you would not welcome having children. That’s why the Church opposes birth control as well.

Can you be a Catholic and support same sex marriage? No. This is because the Catholic Church does not consider you a Catholic if you do not accept the Church’s teachings, and the Catholic Church is the ultimate decider of who is Catholic and who is not.

I know this isn’t the answer you wanted and many people will not like it, but the Church has always held that they had the right to decide who is Catholic or and who is not.

Can you still go to Mass and receive communion? I don’t see how they can stop you if you don’t wear a sign that advertises your beliefs, and even if your priest KNOWS your beliefs he’ll probably just advise you that, in refusing to alter your belief when you KNOW the Church’s position you are, in the eyes of the Church, in a state of mortal sin (as venial sins can be forgiven as you admit you are wrong and are forgiven IF you promise to TRY not to sin again) because you KNOW it’s a sin but you don’t agree to at least try to stop. In a state of mortal sin you are not supposed to receive communion, but the priest isn’t likely to physically stop you. The receipt of communion when you know you are in a state of mortal sin would be another mortal sin, ad infinitum.

My point here is that, what being a Roman Catholic is, is believing in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. If you don’t, find a church whose teachings you DO believe in.

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I’m a Christian and I support same-sex marriage, I need to stop support?

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