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I’m in the parking lot for any tenant rights?

Predicament merely by boggin828: What tenant rights do I have for parking?

My rental company set up a “move-in meeting” with us where they gave us the keys and went over rent with us on move in day. As we were going through the lease there was a spot that says “The number of vehicles allowed on-site is: __________” and there is a spot for the assigned parking space number. The woman began to skip that section- I stopped her. She told me that she didn’t know which spot was ours and that she would call back from the office. This section is still left blank on the lease!

It has been a month with us calling the company at least three times a week with no return calls. Last night, we returned home to find that all the visitor spots were taken. There is no street parking without a zone permit anywhere near our apartment, so we did the best we could do and parked in a spot that we had only seen empty. Our car was towed. Now, we have to go pick up the car, a cost of $ 213. Do we have to pay this, or is this our landlord’s responsibility due to their negligence?

Okay, I realize that I should have demanded an answer before signing the lease. I am not asking if I’m stupid… I’m asking how I should rectify the situation. I made a mistake… I got that much figured out.

Yay! They are letting us take it out of rent. It took me calling very upset tenant rights parking Im in the parking lot for any tenant rights? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com . Thank you everyone for all your help.

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Best solution:

Answer by Weatherman

It’s you negligence as much as the letting agents as you signed the agreement before this was settled.

Answer by Jerry Dee

Unfortunate you left the space blank and signed the agreement. You will probably have to get a lawyer. There are also people advocate services in most cities. Check your phone book or call a local radio/TV station.

Answer by the_cheeze_cop

I agree with answer #1. I would’ve parked some people in with a note on the window stating which apartment you could be found in. Get this situation rectified and good luck.

Answer by Behhar B

You will have to pay for it. If you can’t get the company to return your calls, call them up and pretend you are looking for an apartment. When they set up a meeting time and place, you will be there to demand your parking spot.

Answer by kanga

If in doubt, don’t! But you did. You have to bear the costs. $ 213 is a cheap lesson when it comes to entering any form of contractual obligation in the future.

You will need to take the lease to a solicitor (another $ 50 ) and have them send a letter to the landlord to seek clarification. You do have cause, as the gap has been left blank. If should have had something endorsed on it eg if they were not going to allow you car space, they should have put N/A not applicable.

Good Luck.

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I’m in the parking lot for any tenant rights?

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