Sunday, March 31, 2013

pararhyme of at what point?

Challenge courtesy of lol: What is the point of pararhyme is poetry?

I have to analyze Wilfred Owen’s, “Strange Meeting” for my assignment. I am supposed to decipher all the literary/poetic devices he uses.

He consistently uses pararhyme, but my question is what is the point of pararhyme? Is it supposed to make an impact in his meaning? And if so, how? Why use it?

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Most practical answer:

Answer by David F

it is more a “clever thing to do”

Some people rhyme words (ending sound similiar)

some people use exact same metering in each line

Some people get clever with consonants (pararhyming)

as relates specifically to WO’s ‘Strange meeting’ poem, you might suggest that the “strangeness” of the encounter described in said poem is added to by the strangeness an uncommmon form of rhyming (being paarhyme) instead of the unusual and expected rhyming of poetry

Have any idea far better?

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pararhyme of at what point?

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