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Sun in Libra Venus Virgo, what does it mean?

Real question created by : What Does Sun Libra Venus Virgo mean?

a guy with this placement also with mars virgo moon tarurs

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Answer by MissOCLK

Libra Sun, Taurus Moon:

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a charming personality with plenty of independence and purpose. Personality is your greatest asset; with Venus ruling both the Sun and the Moon, personal charm and attractiveness become the keynote. A friendly personality and the ability to put your personality across makes people like you very much. The emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra blends well with the stability, firmness, determination, and set purpose of Taurus. You are naturally easygoing, even slow in getting started along lines of major activity, yet you possess ability for sound judgment that assures practical results. You’ll look for shortcuts and efficient ways of doing things to avoid wasting energy. Despite looking for that easier way, you have a strong determination to get the job done. In business, your personality is a great asset as you know how to get along with people. You avoid doing the wrong thing since you have control over emotional impulses. The tactful handling of business contacts, associates and partners attracts opportunities for you. There is much sentiment or romanticism in your nature. Happiness may depend upon assuring firm or lasting romantic associations. Aesthetic inclinations are strongly marked, giving you deep interest in art or music. You appreciate the finer things in life and may succeed in a cultural direction. You have a good sense of balance or equilibrium, and possess a deep understanding of the major principles of life. Good judgment, with practical talent and patient effort, can carry your far. Your capacity for mental and emotional balance assures peace and success in life.

Mars In Virgo:

You’re someone that demands a lot of yourself and others. You like to be productive, and don’t mind tedious work, as long as it’s serving a bigger purpose. You’ve got a gift for fine tuning anything, and excel at crafts that involve precision. There’s a desire to serve, which could lead you into work that fits in with your values. You’re a do-er, and find it hard to just sit idle. A quest for purity, wholeness and self-improvement keeps you on task. Your critical nature can drive others crazy. But you’ve also got practical wisdom to share that can make everyday life better.

Venus In Virgo:

If your Venus is in Virgo, you’re unassuming, reserved and a loyal friend or partner. You may not show a lot of emotion outwardly, but are sensitive to what others think. This doesn’t keep you from being critical of those you care about, always trying to help them better themselves. You’re discriminating, and might blow little things out of proportion. Once committed, you’re the ideal “helpmate,” since you tune into creating daily harmony.

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Sun in Libra Venus Virgo, what does it mean?

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