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Chungsinreul good arguments defending what?

Idea merely by Cheeseygirl: What’s a good argument defending the loyalists?

I have to do a “town meeting” where I have to give an argument explaining why the colonies should remain under British rule. need two good reasons besides Britain giving the colonies so much, and the imported goods from Britain to the colonies. PLZ help!!!

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Answer by Harbinger of doom

Loyalists that fled up north to Canada have help us greatly in becoming a more tolerant society than our American neighbors.

Answer by Beavis

what colonies? We haven’t been the colonies for over 235 years. As an American I find people refering to my country as the colonies VERY offensive.

Answer by gws35

Highlight the uncertainties and dangers of breaking away from the British Empire.

The colonies would be vulnerable to attack by foreign nations.

The colonies would no longer have assurance of support from Britain if they suffer shortages or famine.

There is no guarantee that the colonies would be capable of governing themselves independently.

If the new independent nation fails, who would take control of the territory?

If Britain takes the colonies back, won’t our conditions become much more harsh to punish us for our temporary rebellion?

Wouldn’t we be much safer if we remain loyal subjects and continue to enjoy the protection and security of the crown?

Or take out a crystal ball and warn them of the terrible future under Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

That should scare the revolutionary ideas out of everybody immediately.

Answer by Janie

The only reason I can think of was the fact that it was more comfortable to remain with what was familiar. (the old comfortable shoe syndrome) One more possible reason is that Britain had the most powerful military at that time. I don’t believe anyone expected the colonists to win the war.

Answer by TheAnswerMan

I know your bias as well as everyone else in the room is going to be towards the revolutionaries so you are going to have to lay it on thick. Tell them that you have pride in being part of the British nation and the nation is much stronger together economically, militarily, and politically. As soon as the nation separates from Britain the economy will become much weaker than it is now because the overall resources that the nation has to draw from will be lower. The nation has a much stronger military collectively than separately and there are enemies out there that threaten this nation such as the natives to the west and perhaps Spain. The nation is built on a stable political system and if we revolt as the revolutionaries want to we will have to rebuild the system causing instability. This instability will create problems for the economy. If we revolt we will have to fight the country that spawned us and hurt our fellow countrymen. Even if we win this conflict our military will be significantly weakened and we will have to rebuild. This will be a costly war and we should not rush into it.

I told you lay it on thick.

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Chungsinreul good arguments defending what?

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