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God made a mistake?

Problem created by DinDjinn: Did God make a big MISTAKE….?

by creating Woman to be our “helpmates”? All they seem to want is for us men to serve THEM !

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Answer by Peter


Answer by Aleesha M

Honey, God doesn’t make mistakes. People do.

Answer by JackBond

Hehe, good point.

But women are usually good at making sandwiches and doing your taxes.

Answer by Little 0range

everyone is created equally. and the truth is that its the exact oppisit, men seem to think women should stay at the kitchen getting men beers as they please. women want men to know that we are good for a lot more then just getting you stuff.

Answer by 25 active accounts.

get over it old man

Answer by Serena


If I had more money I’d buy you cigarettes. Lots and lots. Extra tar, no filter.

Answer by Trevor

God doesn’t exist

Answer by Rhonda

Your fundamental premise is egregiously in error, for God NEVER errs.

Answer by Gyasi

No, God did not make a mistake. To insinuate that God is capable of doing wrong is blasphemy.

Answer by Jade196

You don’t seem to understand the system that should be in place.

Jesus was supposed to be like the groom and the church like the bride. He didn’t treat his church like servants while on Earth, but like a good husband should. He washed their feet and taught them and guided and cared and sacrificed. He didn’t expect them to act as slaves or as beasts of burden for him. He expected them to learn and try to be faithful and good to him. To also be kind to him and to each other.

Never, was the biblical model to be used to make women into slaves or to have them be treated as non-persons who are less than men.

Answer by XiaoGou

You need to study the bible mister!

You are reading from old English when helpmate meant something very different. Newer translations state women being created as a companion, aka an equal.

Now, if you look at the original hebrew text and translate the word directly to english it would mean a Partner or a Co-worker. Somebody on equal statues.

‘Helpmeet’, ‘helpermate’ or even ‘helper’ in the bible are not used in the form of a “servant” context. The bible, more than once, talks about God being our helper. But God is definatly not our inferior or personal servant.

The same thing is when the bible says Eve is a helpermate. Except this time “mate” is attached on the end to describe her as a wife or spouse.


@Jennifer. A companion and a partner is somebody who helps and aids the other. The problem is that in modern English the word helpermate is often thought of as “servant” when first red. In truth, God created women because men could not survive on their own. God created a companion that could help rule the world WITH him, not under him. The bible always describes women as a partner, never somebody whose sole purpose is to serve men.

Answer by Jennifer C

God did not make the mistake, women and a lot of men did by allowing women to get as bad as they are.

@Xiao, The hebrew word is 5828`ezer ay’-zer from 5826; aid:–help.

5826azar aw-zar’ a primitive root; to surround, i.e. protect or aid:–help, succour.

So helpmate is the proper translation.

Answer by Cheyenne!

i would feel more comfortable answering this question if i knew whether you were a man or a woman… that’s also how i answer my mom’s questions.


Answer by Nan’s cat Tigger

Ha ha ha! Some want more stimulation than just THAT!

Answer by Observer

A good woman is the best thing on earth. The church owes a debt to our faithful women which we can never estimate, to say nothing of the debt we owe in our homes to our godly wives and mothers.

_Vance Havner.

Answer by Canute

There is no evidence in the original bible that women were equal to men.

They have different functions (and different rights).

Answer by Meagan Reinstated! Yay!

You love it and you know it! ways UV Unfortunately Adam tips state proper people partner part need mistake meet made husband Homo Sapiens gender feminism expect God made a mistake? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com God wouldn’t have needed to make Eve if Adam wasn’t such a sissy! He needed someone to keep him in line.

Answer by Anon Twelve

God made male and female Homo sapiens (equals)

He also made male and female Neanderthal (equal to each other also)

He also made various other descendants of Homo erectus which racist anthropologists didn’t bother to give proper names to; and they were equal too.

However, only the Homo Sapiens had ‘knowledge of good and evil’, they in this sense were superior to the other species.

Satan indirectly facilitated interbreeding between Homo Sapiens males and the females of the other species and that is why we have the different races.

e.g. Caucasians are white because they are hybrid Neanderthal. (Adaption to avoid rickets in low UV environment)

Satan HELPED Adam and Eve to MEET, i.e. help-meet

Unfortunately Adam did take this fruit from the other branches of the tree of man, even though he was told not to.

Thus all the abominations of the world would take place.

Meanwhile its 2010 and the last of the Homo sapiens females are going extinct. (The last women on earth with a sense of right and wrong). We have feminism where females with no morality have learned to talk of good and evil to the sons of adam in order that they could commit crimes that they never would commit if they did have a sense of right and wrong…

So that is why we need armageddon. It was always the plan. After that the homo sapiens females will be fine and the world will be fine.

You need to overcome gender and the serpent to be part of the future.

Learn far better?

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God made a mistake?

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