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God, the man wants to be the head of the home, and why?

Dilemma caused by uǝɥɔıl: Why God wants men to be the head of the household?

“the reason God chooses man to be rulers in the home is not because man are smarter or even more capable but because God is a God of peace and order so He had to choose one…He created adam first…He choose adam period.”

Of course, a Christian male wrote this. Can we all have a good laugh?

I guess Eve being created not to be her own person, but to serve as a “helpmate” to Adam proves that their god would never choose to respect a woman for herself.

Isn’t it convenient that many early religions were centered around women and the so-called miracle of childbirth? And in Christianity, a male god creates life and man first, even though all fetuses are originally feminized? How transparent!

Come on, Dan, you must admit, your logic is hilarious.

Peace and order that favors one over another and gives no thought to either gender’s individuality? Sounds like a recipe for disaster your omniscient deity should have forseen.

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Optimum solution:

Answer by Anonymous

because men created “god”


It’s an interpretation. You can be whatever you want and that includes head of the household.

Answer by Dan G

i wrote that




.whats so funny?….you seem bent on finding offense on anything……maybe we should all just answer the way we think you want us to?



Answer by Christine M

This does not imply that a woman isn’t her own person. Men and women are equally important with different abilities. Considering the Bible tells us that the men are responsible for their families and they will be judged as to how they took care of them.

Answer by Mike S

It is a headship principle found in the bible and yes written by a man who was inspired by God. 1 Corinthians 11:3

Men have a serious accounting and responsibility. Especially the way they treat their wives and women in general.

Don’t take it personally. Many women have more insight that men do and are more successful in life. Its just God choose to use men in the teaching aspect but with deep respect and to work in harmony with his wife and love her. It means his life.

Ephesians 5:28-31

Answer by Anonomoose: Moose of Anonymity

You are right! I find this funny.

Answer by Yoga Wolf

because men were jealous of the power that women had in early religions, so they made their own little religion, and others followed.

Do know far better?

Leave all your answer with the comments!

God, the man wants to be the head of the home, and why?

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