Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gold Digger Lemme see if I?

Problem by Carrington: Should I become a gold-digger?

Life has been broke and tough without a father. Im so tired of being broke and poor. I have 2 options 1)become a gold-digger 2)work hard to accomplish my goal and dreams. The only downfall with gold-digger is men want favors in return for their gifts. yourself work without wise ways time things tell sure support return remember personal people number money market Lemme HOT happiness Gold fool father ever Digger belonging become back average always Gold Digger Lemme see if I? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com I may be pretty but I’m not an easy who re.

What do you think I will be most proud of?

This will be guidance on Should I become a gold-digger? which you may would be wise to fix difficulties by themself. With luck , this’ll help in lots of ways, in order to make yourself considerably better. In hopes guidance on Should I become a gold-digger? should be a resolution in coming years.

Optimum solution:

Answer by me

you missed option 3. stripper/porn actress. option 3 doesn’t take advantage of men like option 1 does, and it’s a lot easier than option 2, yet you still make a lot of money. it just depends on exactly how many morals you have.

Answer by pat c

If you’re going to be a gold digger, you better be HOT. Rich guys don’t go for average looking chicks.

Answer by Carol

a gold digger is a whore with one john. I found happiness inside myself not from material things try journialing

Answer by Flouride

become a gold digger. if you’re worried about putting out you can always lead dudes on and take their gifts without ever delivering on the goods. lots of chicks like you do that.

Answer by something

Well I assume you are not hard working otherwise you would’ve already been working at option 2. Remember look as hot as possible, get as fit as possible, and never say no to sex with any amount of people in any amount of positions.

Answer by Tanya A.

You will be most proud if you work for yours and tell him to work for his. There is no easy way out. You dig for gold and end up with Pyrite (a fool’s gold).

They pretend to be rich to get you and when they got you…they REALLY got you because now your income can be used to satisfy creditors. Don’t be surprised if the collection agencies get your number and start calling or come a knocking to get the goods back that aren’t being covered.

Just work for your own stuff. The economy is bad and there are a lot of men out there who may have had a good amount of income at one time but circumstances, market fluctuations and bad investments have put a damper on their finances.

I’m trying to have a career of my own so I can support myself and be the “helpmate” to a man with a job…career.

Be sure a lot better?

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wala lang nag test lang ng cam..hehe kaka ayos lang kasi eh.. ^_^

Gold Digger Lemme see if I?

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