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How do I correct in my body stocking?

Consult created by There is no escape: How do I get the right pantyhose to fit my body?

I’m 4 ft 10 in. and I weigh about 125. I’m a bit pudgy. i have plump thighs, and a big round rear end. I look on the back of the pantyhose, and match up my height to my weight range, and buy a small, they go on my legs fine, but when the hoes get up to my rear, it’s a REAL tight fit, and as I slide it over my pudgy belly, it sllides down a little…so then i have rolled up pantyhose settling on my hip. But the crotch doesn’t fit, it doesn’t even meet “my crotch” area”. So it’s not like wearing underwear…I’m always afraid they’ll just roll down my legs when I walk in them, or sit in them. Or what ‘s worse, is that I stretch them out too much, so they run really quick. How do I select a pair or four of pantyhose that will fit my snuggly, that won;’t slip at all, until i take it off? Plz help! Honest answers plz! thanks.

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Answer by Cap’n Donna

either get one size larger or get hip-high hose and garter belts, i find them much more comfortable (and much more feminine) anyway

Answer by Ifoundtruelove

You may want to try mediumm size pantyhose control but look for the hose that are low rise. They may possibly be short enough (due to the low rise) yet wide enough for you. Don’t go for the really thin sheer styles b/c they do not have much spandex… look for control pantyhose they will have more spandex to help cling to your body better. Nordstrom brand makes a really nice eveyday panthose.

Answer by stevie

2 hell with pantyhose try stay up stockings

Answer by jqck444

First of all, select a good brand, as they will usually have excellent help’s on the package with regards to picking the one that is right for you. I think that you may have to go way more than one size bigger for everywhere to fit comfortably…and don’t mind if it comes up higher than you want, even over the pudge, it will help to keep you sorta tucked in (up top) supported even and allow everything to be in line…you may have to go for a short queen size and don’t forget they are made to stretch…pick the one that fits you and you will be fine.

Answer by Raj

stop wearing them …if they roll down…being naked inside doesnt feel bad i guess..

Answer by dusty roads


Answer by sillygirl

Go to and try some Aristoc pantyhose. They are so much better than domestic brands, and run a little larger and are more forgiving.

You may also try stockings and a garter belt. I have been wearing them more and more lately to work and find them really comfortable because I can wear my own underwear, and just deal with my legs for the hose.

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How do I correct in my body stocking?

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