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How to teach Taekwondo? ® How to teach Taekwondo?

Query from Karen: how do they teach taekwondo?

in taekwondo classes, how are class seperated? does the teenagers go in one room, kids in another, and senior in another? or does the white belts go in one and green in one and so on? Oh And what do you and the dojang/master discuss when you first have a little “meeting” him?

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Answer by phoenixscanner1
The first step is for everyone in the class to karate chop blocks of wood in half. It take a few weeks to get past this first phase. Then they break into groups based on who can chop the biggest block of wood in half.

Answer by Janni V
U have a trial calss or something, then u discuss with the master if u wanna start classes and u get a uniform and a white belt. They teach you stuff and then there are tests to see if you can go up a belt….

Answer by zerro
Everyone in the same room all together. Yes and I hate to spare with a 11 year old White Belt female.

Answer by katana172
Man the morons are out in force. Disregard the 1st and second answers.

A lot of how they seperate classes depends on the school. i do not train TKD but karate, and we put everyone 13 and up in the same class. I suppose some schools seperate by rank, others age, others both maybe. We find it very valuble to have all ages 13 and up and belt colors work together. this helps the lower ranks with mor eindividualized instruction, and makes sur ethe upper belts do not neglect their basics.

As for what to talk about I would say any concerns you have, as well as the curriculam, and what will be expected of you. Please avoid getting hooked into a Mcdojo. There are plenty of questions and answers on here about how to spot Mcdojo’s/BcDojangs and also how to find a good instructor and school.

Best of luck to you.

Answer by Robert
its either seperated by age or not at all.

Like 15 and up class . With a 15 and younger class vut that all depends on how many students you have and their ages.

However, in many schools especially ones with lots of black belts, their is often a black belt class.

Answer by The Godfather
Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Arts. We do a lot of kicking and punching. We also learn how to block an attack but most importantly we learn respect , discipline and gain confidence.

The classes are usually separated by age and then by belt levels. For example, Mon Wed Fri 4 pm classes are for 4- 8 years old White and Yellow Belt. Tues and Thurs. 5 – 6 pm classes are for 9-13 years old Advanced (Blue belt – Red Belt) and Mon. – Fri. 7 – 8 pm are Adults classes (all belts or separated levels at some studios.)

Some school have different rooms for different levels but most schools have 1 room for training and all the students are in the same area with the same or sometimes different instructor(s).

In Tae Kwon Do , we “bow” our head as to show respect. The dojang (pronounce “doe – jang” , it means “School” ) master or instructor should on the 1st lesson give a quick tour of the studio of where are the office, bathroom, locker room, water fountain, etc. After the quick tour then the master/instructor should proceed with a quick introduction of his/her self and then ask the student about why they want to learn Tae Kwon Do? After the introduction to get to know each other, the lesson should begins with how to wear the uniforms properly and how to tie the belt. Then it goes to all the commands in Korean of how to stance, how to bow, etc. Then the lesson might begins with the class doing streching, warming up , kicking, blocking, punching and a lot of schools teach you form or pattern. These forms or patterns are series of movement pretending that you’re fighting with many opponents.

All the master/instructors should treat all the students with respect and care. The students should get the training and having fun time as well as making new friends and instill confidence when you leave the studio. Have fun. It’s great to exercise.

Answer by jamesf24
Most places will have a class schedule that will identify who can attend what class.

The majority of these classes will be “open”, which means that any age or belt is welcome.

For example:


4 pm – 4:45 – kids age 4-6 – all belts

4:45 – 5:30 – kids – white & yellow belt only

5:30 – 6:30 – kids – green belt and up

6:30 – 7:30 – adults – brown belt & up

7:30 – 8:30 – open class

The next day would have a similar layout, but may flip flop a few classes.

We also have special “sparring classes” in the small gym. (Our dojang has two training areas)


Answer by jwbulldogs
Hopefully this helps. Most school have their own way of teaching. You should go to several schools to find out what is best for you. Don’t limit yourself to TKD.

Answer by SiFu frank
Usually the clases for diferent age groups are at diferent times and or days of the week.

The Master instructor will discus with you the general rules of the school and how to show respect for the school, instructorsw, and fellow students. During this little chat he may aske some questions to try to get an insite into what you are like as a person.

Do know greater?

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How to teach Taekwondo?

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