Thursday, April 11, 2013

I met my boyfriend? ® I met my boyfriend?

Question created by candiecane908: How did I meet my boyfriend?

Well, I do know how I met him. We met through a personals website. So why am I asking this? Well we’ve been going out for a while and now my mom is getting involved. He has to meet her and my uncle. I know the question “How did you guys meet?” is inevitable. My mom has a resentment towards internet personals. So in respect for her feelings, can you guys give me some suggestions on where to say we met. Thanks!

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Answer by shaynak112
Do you have a mutual friend at all? Just say that he was friends with a friend of yours. I’m just going to make up names and places. Let’s say you are friends with a girl named Ann (but not very good friends or at least hasn’t met your parents). Well maybe Ann lived in Florida and your boyfriend, say John, vacationed in Florida. He was on a trip here once, visited Ann, ended up meeting you too, you clicked. Or perhaps you have a friend Emily who visited New York (which is where John is from). Same sort of situation.

Play around with that though, obviously you know your friend and places where he may have been.

Answer by KC
Just say you met thru mutual friends, at a party or you just got into a conversation with him while you were both shopping for the same item at the mall and you started talking. You could say you met him at a restaraunt while out with friends or at the park. Ask him what he thinks because if you going to not tell your mom the truth your stories better match! What are your hobbies? If you play sports or do something on a regualr basis you could say you met him during that event.

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I met my boyfriend?

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