Thursday, April 4, 2013

If you could travel anywhere in the universe, not where you go?

Subject from Axel ∇: If you could travel anywhere in the Universe, where would you go?

Would you go on another planetary, stellar galactic system?

A stellar constellation? Quasar? Neutron star?

Why such a destination? What do you expect to “meet” out there?

That may be all about If you could travel anywhere in the Universe, where would you go? that you may desire to clear up issues by themself. I hope this will assist in lots of ways… in order to make everything far better. Who wish all about If you could travel anywhere in the Universe, where would you go? might possibly be a method someday.

Best answer:

Answer by mamanoelia

I would go to Titan,one of Saturn`s moon.Why?Just for a change!!

Answer by Andromeda

I would like to go first to the moon so I could look back on Earth, than somewhere in one of the Magellenic Clouds so I could look back on our galaxy. Must be a sight! I’d also like to see the Tarantula Nebula from up close and look in the other direction to see a sky with few stars, only intergalactic blackness in between…

Oh, and a return trip would be appreciated once I’m done, of course. universe travel time meet Marley Eternit Universal Magellenic Clouds life Latin America Iona Road house help group following Father Stephen Hutchinson established Dublin Dominick Street Damian Byrne could back anywhere Adrain Farrelly If you could travel anywhere in the universe, not where you go? catholichelpmate blogspot com

Answer by joseph

i’d go to some planet with intelligent life…

Have any idea greater?

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The original project had two community members who lived with the pre-novices. These were Fathers Fredrick Cronin and Pius McGrath. There were between four and seven pre-novices for the first five years. After a year with no pre-novice the two brothers returned to their respective communities of Newbridge and Anglesey Road. The house re-opened the following year with Father Maurice Fearon as Director and Father Gerard O’Keeffe as his non-resident assistant. In 1985/6 a large number of men applied to join the Order. There was not the physical space to house nine pre-novices in the house so the community decamped to Gracepark Gardens with Father Maurice and Father Noel Meade as his assistant. This temporary accommodation was not available the following year when another large group applied for entry. As luck or coincidence would have it, the adjoining property at 38 Iona Road came on the market at that time. The Order purchased 38 Iona Road which was a larger property than 40. At the time of purchase the house was divided and sublet into thirteen bedsit apartments. It took some time to refurbish so the pre-novices of 1987/8 were lodged in the upstairs of the former orphanage on Dominick Street. When the house in Iona Road was refurbished the pre-novices moved there with their director, Father Stephen Hutchinson. One of the pre-novices of that time recorded his memories in a book published under the name Peter O’Flynn and called “The Irish Virus”. Father Stephen was appointed as prior of Athy and Father Ailbe O’Connor took over the direction of the pre-novitiate.

In 1992, the provincial chapter abandoned the idea of pre-novitiate formation and returned to the traditional novitiate as the beginning of Dominican life in the Irish province. The house was rented to the Dominican Sisters of the Cabra congregation and they established a community in #38. The adjoining house was rented out to students and fell into disrepair.

In 2000 a community was re-established there as a filial community of Saint Saviour’s in Dublin with Father Gerard Dunne as its first vicar. Between then and 2005 it was home to Fathers Vincent Mercer, Bernard McCay-Morrissey, Adrain Farrelly, Francis Downes and Fergal Mac EoinĂ­n. These brothers were involved in studies, the promotion of vocations, supply work and chaplaincies. In 2004 the Order sold 38 Iona Road to help raise revenue for the Dominican Biblical Institute in Limerick. The community continued in 40 Iona Road until 2012 when this house was also sold to help meet the Dominican contribution to the Institution Redress Board.

If you could travel anywhere in the universe, not where you go?

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