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In how to understand the Bible?

Doubt caused by tiffanyw_1990: how can i understand the Bible???

i want to know the Bible from cover to cover, but I cant know it without understanding it…can anyone help me find a way to understand and remember the whole entire Bible…please, no stupid answers…lol…thanks… yourself write work word without wisdom ways want understand time things tell remember reading read people Old Testament need name life Jesus Christ important Holy Spirit help gift find Christian Bible Audio Cleaning again able In how to understand the Bible? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com

this is gonna b hard to pick best answer!!!

This is certainly important facts about how can i understand the Bible??? which you may will have to clear up problems independently. Thought to be able this will assist in several ways; and help make your life much better. Praying important facts about how can i understand the Bible??? might possibly be a resolution next time.

Most practical answer:

Answer by fateridder

it depends on how you want to interpret it , in 1999 there was a study that said the bible can be read a total of 500,000 diffrent ways

Answer by Elizabeth H

get the book- The Bible- for dummies.

or go to Sunday School and ask your teacher

Answer by Gastounet

MIddle eastern tales and legends can get a bit boring. Make sure to mix a little Harry Potter , Peter Pan and tooth fairy stories it will make your study more interesting.

Ramen !

Answer by jj

good question

a lot of the stories in the bible arent exactly true stories but are made to teach a lesson

Answer by choozlifexo

It takes a lot of reading/studying. But not even the most serious scholars completely understand or have complete knowledge of the entire Bible. There’s just too much to it.

Just study it and ask God to help you understand.

Answer by JC is the MAN

Well any seasoned Christian knows you can’t just comprhend and remember the entire Bible. Learning the Will of God as seen in Scripture is a lifelong process. Read a Scripture, or a Chapter, or a Book, try to memorize key verses. Try to apply maybe just one aspect of that section of Scripture to your life. Once that becomes habit and just a normal part of your life move on! God has purposed us to become like his Son. This is a lifelong journey of ever increasing maturity.

If you want help, PLZ PM me. I appreciate your heart. May you continue to increase in your wisdom and knowledge of His Word.

And oh yeah! Don’t forget to pray!

Answer by Gary

Read the New Testament DAILY and ask God for the Holy Spirit”s wisdon and revelation on what you read..

God Bless….you are in store for GREAT things…..

Blessed are those who read ….

Answer by truth seeker

wow, remembering the whole Bible sounds like quite a feat. you could spend years and years of study and not understand EVERYTHING in the Bible. i would say just read it a lot and study it a lot and you will find yourself remembering and understanding more and more every day. good luck!!

Answer by Iris

Buy a study Bible. They have explanations of the text written as annotations next to the text or as footnotes. The Oxford Study Bible and the Holman Illustrated Study Bible are popular ones.

As for memorizing it, you’ll just have to read it over and over, or get it on tape and listen to it over and over.

Answer by chinpingmei

well, talk with the Author, and Finisher talk with God as best you know how, see what He wants for you, when you open the Bible to read, ask Him for His Wisdom and Guidence and to reveal to you what He is saying, the memory is His business too, God bless, and good reading, and of course find some great research books, dictionaries and concordances and bible referrence books it should be a cinch

Answer by Gazoo

Here is a really good source. It has notes in the margins explaining the whole thing:

I use it as a reference all the time

Answer by spir_i_tual

You need to understand, that it’s only a tool for show offs, if you love God, study what He created, like the natural world and when you are filled with this, He will then teach you spiritual things.

Answer by sunman

I don’t know about ‘cover to cover’, but if you study it, and let yourself identify with the characters, you may find that you have been living the stories, but the details are different.

Answer by Prodigal Son

If you want to understand it, I would suggest that you get a good education. Pay particular attention to forms of writing. Study the Greek and Hebrew languages, the history of the land, texts of other books written in those ages, the customs of the people then and the people now. Study what Christ and his apostles did and don’t just rely on what preachers and people say as some have their own agendas or simply don’t know what they are teaching. If you are a Christian, accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit also.

If you come to know Christ, His word will be written in your heart. Although you may not remember every word at every moment, what you need will be given to you in the hour you need to say it.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,

Cal-el & Black Canary

Answer by Michael

Before I read each day I start with a prayer that the Holy Spirit help me to learn what God has for me today. Then I open the bible to an undetermined page and read for 10 minutes. Once done I pray again. Later that day I come back to the same text and read it again. It amazes me each time how I find something new.

One does not need to memorize the bible to get the most out of it. Pray, read, contemplate and then put what you have learned into action in life.

God bless,

Answer by beekay

Proverbs 4:7

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

Study and study more asking of God for His promised wisdom

Answer by sdavenport1981

Well, pray. That usually help. Go to church. Ask a pastor. God will let it come to you. Study bibles are great too.

Answer by Theophilus

There are alot of ways to do that.

Some go to seminary to do it.

However, I like to tell people that they should focus on characters in the Bible, like Abraham.

Many Bibles have a concordance to search words or names.

Look up Abraham, see what chapters and verses it shows up in.

then read the entire chapters that contain his name.

Gather all the information you can on Abraham who was previously Abram, and write a bio about him.

Then take another character, maybe Joseph and do the same.

Get to know the characters as if they were your nextdoor neighbor. You will begin to piece the Bible together by doing this.

If you are serious, I can help you.

We could get a dialog going through my website.

Actually that is one of the things I want to put on my website oneday.

However, if you go there you will find I have a lot to do to accomplish my goal for that website as a single source for everything Biblical.


Answer by jackiedj8952

First ask for the wisdom and understanding from the Lord to be able to receive the word of God because that is what it is and without the Holy Spirit guiding you,you won’t be in the truth.

Answer by hado

before learning bible I advice you to ensure what you read and select the right vesion of bible

Answer by Joe Cool

Looks like you have a heart blossoming in the beauty of God. Thanks be to Jesus!

You have a lot of good answers, but I’ll try to add a few more.

a) The key is not so much to know the whole Bible, but to let the Bible you know, know you. Let it percolate through your thinking.

b) Read – 4 chapters a day will get you through in a year. I read it through twice a year for a decade or so. Everytime God reveals something new. If we could know it all, why would we need to read it to find delicious new morsels for our faith.

c) A good annotated Bible will help. A simplified Bible like Max Lacado will ease the flow through Leviticus etc.

d) Commentaries are available on line and at the library for the level of study you want. Wm. Barclay has a solid series. If you want to go back to the greek and hebrew, let me know and I can recommend some of them.

e) I have just started through again. This time I am reading w/ a friend in NC. I send her explanations and key points from the commentaries each day. I’m enclosing a sample below – if it is something you would like, let me know.

f) Mainly though, your hunger and thirst for God will be filled. You write with the gentle spirit of a butterfly, land gently.

How about a wow experience for Genesis 1 – 6? Bottom line is the Abraham covenant really is what starts Israel as a nation. Everything before that is more or less pro forma material very similar in nature and/or content to Ur of Chaldees stuff. Bottom line is to give the “Pater Familias” a golden background. The geneology length is similar, the 7th name is similar to 7th name in Mesp. list whose reign is also associated w/ 365 and a solar year.

Rather than prejudicial “helpmate” the Heb reads “alongside with”

1:4 and 6 God not only said “Let…” God did the work. I had never seen that before.

ch 1 creation is around cosmology – essentially Ugaritic in nature – the struggle of that science and religion to understand cosmology.

ch. 2 changes to human creatin. Planting the garden in the E in no way precludes other civilizations or peoples…God was working forward. They have a fairly good idea of where Eden was.

Not for us to know evil because creation is the good w/ God.

ch. 3 moves to human viewpoint as both sna,e and God are anthropomorhized.

cherubim are minor deities – which helps explain 1 command.

ch. 4 Abel’s name is close to puff as shepherd’s are looked upon by settle farmers = cain.

cain’s gift was not unstinting = an. died as Abels and thus not acceptable. Love the Lord thy God w/ all…

sin – also = demon and depicted as conquerable

vs. 23 – 24 Song of the Sword

Till end of 4 God was Elohim, now YHWH w/ unknown meaning, only sound.

ch. 5 the life lengths are much reduced from the Mesp. // lists – also w/ 8 – 10 & remember later listing of kings of Seir w/ ? value

ch. 6 120 years as probation bis destruction, / doom

vs. 13 note role/relationship of violence.

ch. 6 the Noahic version of the story is different in having a moral reason for the flood vs. that of the Chaldean et al stories

vs. 18 = note Covenant 1st time, but for all people because not yet to Story beginning – Abraham!

Answer by LdySha

No joke… I wanted the same info. not to long ago, I was told about a Student Bible, Women’s Study Bible, etc…. I found one and actually can read it and actually understand it.

Answer by still standing

Yes, you definitely need a guide through the Theological and Spiritual jungle that is the Bible.

I suggest finding the Bible with the interpreted commentary that fits best with your denomination from the Bible Store – it is a wonderful source for all types of Bible guides.

I suggest buying the one that you feel most comfortable with and that matches your education and/or knowledge level.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to the people who tell you to just read the Bible and interpret it yourself according to your own knowledge and understanding.

That is ignorant because there are men and women out there who have devoted their entire lives to understanding and interpreting the deeper meanings of the Bible so that the average Bible reader wouldn’t have to.

Answer by jomi

You can’t read it,understand it,then put it away. The Holy Spirit will always give a new revalation each time you read.

Answer by wefmeister

The first thing you need to do to understand the Bible is to be born again by calling upon God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to forgive you and accept you into His family. Jesus said unless you are born again, you cannot see (perceive) the Kingdom of God.

To be born again, you must accept the testimony of God, that God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and died on a cross for your sins, and was raised up again on the 3rd day. You cannot be born again without accepting these essential truths.

The apostles even had to be born again. This happened on the day of the resurrection. At that time Jesus appeared to them and breathed on them saying “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:22). It is this same Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, who will lead you into all truth. (see John 14:26; and 16:7-15)

The same event, recorded in Luke’s Gospel, chapter 24:36-49 tells us “Now He said to them “These are My words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms (that is, the whole Old Testament) must be fulfilled.” THEN HE OPENED THEIR MINDS TO UNDERSTAND THE SCRIPTURES.”

God wants to give you His Holy Spirit. Call upon Him today, asking His forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, and He will give you the gift of forgiveness and send His own Spirit into your heart to teach you.

Then start reading! Begin with John’s Gospel – then the other 3 Gospels, then the rest of the New Testament; and then the Old Testament. Be patient, be humble, and He will lead you into all truth.

Answer by crud

Patience. I remember trying to read the bible by speed reading.It didn’t work and I was too freaked out at the time.I was told to use logic in understanding the bible.If you understand how math problems work and psychology it’s a big clue. Examples are for teaching logic and patience.Many people fail to relate how bible lessons are applied to everyday events.Personally I prefer to listen to these stories than read them. There are audio Cd’s of the bible and of course the documentaries also. Take it slow and easy. Rome wasn’t built in a day and rejected Christianity harshly in the beginning.

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In how to understand the Bible?

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