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Laid off people to not come to work, how do I do?

Main issue by pondering religion: How do you fire someone who won’t come into work?

My employers have been trying to fire someone for the last week or so. Whenever they try to schedule a “meeting” with this person, there is always some excuse as to why he can’t come in. This person also has not been into work a regular day this entire week. I’m pretty sure you have to fire an employee in person so you can give them their final check, but what if this employee keeps evading you? Can you send them the final check via a delivery service (ie Fed-Ex, UPS) so they have to sign for it?

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Answer by misslabeled

You do not have to fire an employee in person. It this case, it’s job abandonment and they should just put his check in the mail with a letter saying because he did not come in as scheduled he has voluntarily quit. That allows them the days to send the check.

Answer by markpomp

You don’t have to they quit

if they don’t show up for work it is like quiting

Answer by My Optinion Counts

You can tell them over the phone. However its not offical. But them getting fired over the phone, told that they need to pick up their last paycheck and get theirshit out will make them come in. And then its offical.

Answer by b

consider it a voluntary quit,mail his check

Answer by Liberte4

Try give him a responsible for his job…

so he can show his talent

Answer by kx_wx

You don’t necessarily have to fire an employee in person.

It depends entirely on how the person is employed. If it’s at-will employment, then a phone call would be sufficient. Call the schmuck up and say, “Your services are no longer required.”

If there’s any form of contract or collective bargaining agreement involved, the terms of termination are listed within the applicable contract.

Final paychecks are usually sent via mail anyways, with no special services. (Why waste $ 6 when $ 0.39 says how you feel about someone?)

Answer by ma_2st

You could do that ,but here in the U S we just let them know that they have won a car,boat or some other prize that they will haveto come in to pick it up after they get there just say we made a mistake and you haven’t won anything be sure you know the person has any keys or company property you can get b/4 firing otherwise they may say they left it at home and thy are off again///

Answer by ostrom57

Dear former employee since the two week notice I gave you on (date) is still on ypur desk we are assuming that you chose to quit earlier than the law states and we will be withholding your final check. You may contact your (gov. ser.) to deal with this matter.

HOPE this helps your bosses.

Answer by suspendor

So how come that idiot is allowed to eat cereal all day long???

Put a pink slip into his pay envelope and clear his desk out. Have Security stop him at the entrance. It’s really not that hard!

Answer by PatV

How can you pay someone who doesn’t work? It seems pretty easy, to simply halt all employment benefits, like pay, health insurance, discounts, etc…

Sounds like to me your employers don’t have a good business plan if they “trying” to fire someone and nothing gets done. If they can afford to waste money paying someone who doesn’t come in, they can afford a substantial raise for everyone!

Answer by msoexpert

While it’s most common to fire someone in person, it’s not a requirement. So long as there are grounds for termination, they can fire someone in person, by letter, by phone, or even by email.

My thought is that your employers will eventually give up on trying to fire that person face to face, and end up doing it by an official termination letter.

As for the final paycheck, it depends on the employer. Some will let the fired employee come in and pick it up, while others will simply mail it. And no, they don’t need a signature. If the check isn’t received, they’ll stop it and reissue another.

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Laid off people to not come to work, how do I do?

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