Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My mom would be nice?

Main problem basically by FT: How do i get my mom to be nicer?

My mom is always being mean to my brothers and sisters. She is sarcastic a lot, and never wants help and yells at us for not helping. She yells a lot. When she asks us to do something, like plant a plant in the garden, she doesnt help at all. I tried having a “family Meeting” but that only lasted a week. Help!

This is actually guidance on How do i get my mom to be nicer? that you might choose to fix troubles them selves. Maybe this can help in several ways, to make yourself far better. Dreaming guidance on How do i get my mom to be nicer? tend to be a method from now on.

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Answer by nikki

call her out talk to her one on one

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My mom would be nice?

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