Sunday, April 7, 2013

Other partners, you really love?

Real question caused by SapphireAngel: Can you ever be truly loved other then a partner?

I have just been told I can forget about being unconditionally loved and cared about until I meet “The one.” I find that truly depressing. So true or not?

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Answer by Grayson

That’s for you to search out and find. Look in your memories and ask yourself have I ever been unconditionally loved by anyone? Then ask yourself was it by the “one”? Then call your mom and dad friends and others that came to mind and tell them you love them unconditionally too! If it doesn’t happen like this, go to churches, or rescue missions, you are bound to find someone tht unconditionally loves peoplle for the sake of love.

Answer by THE VOY

don’t be depressed


Answer by Gee

Unconditional love exists but it’s incredibly rare.

To be honest with you, you’ll probably never find it, even in your loved one.

Answer by Shoes

that is SO not true. love comes in many layers. do you not feel love for your parents, siblings, friends, pets etc?

if you sit about waiting for “the one” you may have to wait a long time. sometimes you just have to enjoy the “right now” instead. holding out for the one may leave you with unrealistic expectations and open you up to disappointment. it also means you may miss out on what is already in your life.

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Other partners, you really love?

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