Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Own cloth the governor load on the packaging about how do you think?

Question made by DC Maximus: What do you think of Governor Rod wrapping himself in the cloth?

He had a “prayer meeting” this morning at the Guvz mansion in Ill. Three ministers prayed with him as he proclaimed his innocence!

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Most practical answer:

Answer by Gone to the Dogs

Since he can’t play the race card, why not try the religion card.

Answer by bktrout2

A Democratic Representative in Massachusetts did the same with all the Rev. Wright types when she was caught on tape stuffing bribe money in her bra. What a disgrace.

Answer by ItsJustMe

He can proclaim his innocence all the way to trial – he was recorded on tape – the evidence is indisputable.

The only thing he can pray for now is a light sentence from some corrupt judge or a pardon from President-Elect Obama once he is sworn in.

Answer by whimsy

I think it indicates how corrupt religions truly are…

Further it also underscore the lack of separation between Church and state,

Answer by normlguy

He is just an idiot, he was all smiles in the camera and even winked when he was walking into the big jail house. If i was that cop i would of made him wear pink handcuffs. He is dumb, he is praying that bush pardons him, not that he is innocent and needs to be freed.

Answer by tangerine

Hey, desperate and/or dying people often turn to religion, so it comes as no surprise!:)

Answer by Pollux Is Better

Suddenly finding religion when caught doing illicit deeds is a mechanism that is dependable as clockwork.

God can forgive that rat, but I won’t.

Answer by RLP


profane, disrespectful, godless, impious, insulting, irreligious, sacrilegious, swearing, ungodly

Answer by Hitler, you love/hate him

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but Blagojevic is only a man that strengthens my conviction that many politicians are mentally ill and insane.

Answer by Jonathan R

I think he is trying to say, “Hey, I was just kidding, honest. I was having a moment of fun with a few friends. Just ask them, they’ll tell you I was just kidding around. Did not mean it, I swear. Now, are there any real questions you have for me, or shall I close this preposterous question and answer session? Hey, wait, I said I’m innocent. Why don’t you believe me? Common, can’t we just be friends?”

He will try anything to get out of this.

Next, he will blame over zealous FBI agents doctoring the tapes to make him SOUND guilty.

Lets hope he gets what is due him.

Answer by Paul Grass

He is seeking divine (Obama the Messiah) intervention, as he was only doing what Chicago politicians do, you can bet that his Lord and Master Barack was going to get a cut somewhere as that’s the way Illinois politics is played, or maybe Rahm was the go between. What was not reported was that Rev. Jeremiah Wright granted Rod dispensation

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Own cloth the governor load on the packaging about how do you think?

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