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Religion and feminism incompatible?

Trouble from el nombre: Are religion and feminism incompatible?

It seems that most major religions promote a role for women that is either submissive or at least holds that the husband is the “leader” of a family and the wife is merely his “helpmate”. Most also bar women from preaching and depict God as male. Feminism promotes an equal role for women. Are there any religious feminists out there? What is your philosophy?

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Answer by Got Jesus ?

It is not Christian, but of the world (Feminism is sin) So is all pride and prejudices.

Answer by Dave

i have seen that a lot of feminists, are not looking for equality, but superiority.

and i can say this about Christianity, the relationship put simply should be, the woman puts her husband on a Pedestal, and he kneels/bows to the woman…

Answer by MSB

Depends on the relgion… and the way it is practiced and percieved.

I am Wiccan, which holds male/female equal and strives for balance.

I would not call myself a feminist. Feminists are too extreme, and I am too much of a moderate. I believe in equality and fairness, and I believe in balance in all things, but feminists seem to go off the deep end, as though they’re trying to pull the pendulum from one extreme side clear to the other.

So basically, I think a person can be religious and for equality between the sexes, but of course, this equality doesn’t always fit the feminists definition of equality. Feminism, being an extreme in itself, is not a great measure of moderation, any more than patriarchal oppressive religions are.

Answer by Rhage’s Rhevenge

Religions do promote submissiveness. That’s a sad fact. Another sad fact is that a lot of these women submit all on their own because the bible tells them so.

I don’t think you can be a true feminist and be religious, the two are diametrically opposed to one another.

This is why I could never be a religious woman, I respect myself way too much.

By the way, do not equate religious with spiritual. They are two very different things. A feminist can absolutely be spiritual.

Answer by Off Grid Granny

The local Episcopalian Church has a female lead minister. The congregation has increased since her induction. She is admired by men as well as women. I think this is a shining example how religion can support feminist ideals.

Answer by mike h

If women had the power they would be just like the men, in this way, there is no difference between a man or a woman if they are equally selfish and power lusting. The only person who is different is the person who wants to put others before themself.

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Religion and feminism incompatible?

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