Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The armed overthrow of the government to become a leader in the GOP?

Quandary written by Ralphy from Christmas Story: Will the GOP be a leader in an Armed Overthrow of the Government?

Does all this talk about policy seem a little more unsettling than just talk. Some guy wore a guy to a “town hall meeting”

These radio shows have callers talking about revolution all the time.

What is the deal? Are we going to war with each other? Seems to me like a lot of people are on the edge. What is your opinion.

It’s really details Will the GOP be a leader in an Armed Overthrow of the Government? which you might aspire to fix issues itself. With luck , this can help in several ways, and then make everything much better. Who want details Will the GOP be a leader in an Armed Overthrow of the Government? are generally a way out in coming years.


Answer by Lois Griffin


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Answer by thenight

He wore another man to a meeting? OMG Call the Nat. guard!

Answer by Searcher 4.0

LOL….and the south will fall again.

Answer by appalachian american

a guy wore a guy? sorry,that was funny. and no that wont happen

Answer by Angry Misanthrope Grand Poobah

Lunatic fringe..

Answer by Shovel Ready

“Some guy wore a guy…” This sounds more like Democrat behavior to me.

Answer by Lauren G

i dont know but the gop at least is not lying right and left like cnn, msnbc, hussein, and all the liberals

Answer by Prince of Madness

Highly doubt it.

And I’m not revolting until we have mobile suits.

Answer by matthew

Nobody really wants a war.

Answer by Better than Obama

How do you wear a guy?

Also, the GOP is part of the government so they would basically be overthrowing themselves.

Answer by Ryde-On

No militias will take care of the over throw , but we’ll hand it over to the GOP

Answer by Mr.

GOP is on the edge….for sure.

How many innocent people have been shot to death by wacko conservatives in the past year ?…. I’ll give you a hint…. It’s less than 10, but more than 5.

ps: I think you meant “guy wore a gun”….. spelling and grammar errors just give people an exuse to ignore the question and make fun of you. Better luck next time.

Answer by S O

Don’t be surprised when the birther, tea-bagger nuts start wearing arm bands with swastikas on them… I guess, at least that would make them more honest than they have been until now.

Answer by Obummer

No, we will just wait until the 2010 and 2012 elections to get this country back on track.

A guy wore another guy like his skin over his? Silence of the Lambs style?

Answer by Bush Lied Millions Died

I don’t see anything to worry about. This year we end the war in Iraq, pass the stimulus, pass health care and appoint a special prosecutor to go after the Bush gang. Next year we take away their guns and bibles.

Answer by Mabelline

The Republicans true KKK side is showing!

Answer by mac

Many radio talk listeners live in the woods far from civilization, that’s why they listen to the radio, ain’t anyone else around. Since they are separated from us city folks they have difficulty judging what is being said on the radio and pick simply to believe. If I were a bear or raccoon, I would be worried that radio talk listeners might start a revolution and chopped down trees.

Answer by Runtun

The corporations, health care run, weapon and arms dealers, and the media all want one thing: War. War brings profits from the sick and injured, sells more guns and weaponry, and ratings would be through the roof.

Unfortunately, Republicans do not believe this and trust Fox news, who cherishes the value of insurance companies and weapons manufacturers, which is our sole domestic problem right now: Faux news. Our first order of business in the revolution should be to “clean” Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and make O’Reilly go on T.V. and rat out the entire scam that is Faux news and friends.

Answer by Raymond L

In the past, when Liberals spoke of ‘Revolution’, authorities would just send in the Local Police and Sheriffs Dept, sometimes backed by the National Gaurd, to go in and bust some heads, make a few arrests, and show those Hippies the meaning of ORDER!

I think it’s high time we Democrats show them the ‘business end’ of the stick.

Answer by ruth

Contrary to what some of the guys on the street seem to think (with their guns and whatnot) the GOP has PLENTY of attorneys “armed and ready.”

They don’t have the courts YET.

Keep them out in 2010.

Understand or know better?

Leave your trusty answer with the comments!

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The armed overthrow of the government to become a leader in the GOP?

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