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The Mormon practice going to be brainwashed? ® The Mormon practice going to be brainwashed?

Doubt basically by justice: Do you think this mormon practice is brainwashing?

Once a month they have “fast and testimony meeting”. All the members (unless they are very young, pregnant or diabetic) go without food and during the meeting people get up and speak. They all basically say the same thing, “I believe the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.” Then they something about how being a mormon is so great. The little kids do it too, except their parents usually whisper in their ear what they are supposed to say.

I remember these Sundays as the worst in my life!

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Answer by Greg
Considering how wacky it all is (theism in general)

Who’s to say?

The priest says stand up, the priest says sit down. The priest hands you a cracker and wine… the priest tells you to lift up your alter boy skirt…

The Mullah tells you to face East..The Mullah tells you to strap on this vest…

The Buddha tells you to sit under a tree…

The Scientologists tells you to give him your wallet…

Answer by buffywaldie
yes it is brainwashing

joseph smith was a brainwashER and was NOT a prophet of God

Answer by Cricketapplefrog

Answer by Mr. Peter
It’s one of the religions that the Bible warned about. For crying out loud it teaches that black people are descended from Cain who murdered Abel and God painted there skin dark as punishment… HOW RACIST IS THAT!!! Especially since people were black before they were white.

Answer by Alissa
All Christians should be testifying what they know to be true. All over the Bible it says to preach the gospel.

Answer by Fireball


Answer by Robert Mejia
Yes, I know. I used to be a Mormon. However, many other religions do that. Like I have seen Christian parents tell their children what to say at a funeral in a Catholic church or whatever. I feel bad for the children who are brainwashed to be Mormon simply because they were born into a brainwashing church and brainwashing family, but it happens in mostly other religious groups as well.

Answer by Isolde
You failed to mention that we are to contribute the cost of the meals we skip to help the needy. I am sorry that giving to others caused you such pain and discomfort.

Answer by strplng warrior mom
Wo unto them which call good evil and evil good.

Fast and Testimony Sundays are an opportunity to bridle the body, feed the needy, share one’s faith, and partake of the Spirit as it is the Holy Spirit which testifies of truth.

As for when little children bear their testimonies – it is precious unto the Lord. ‘Suffer the little ones to come unto me.’ Yea, the scriptures even tell us that from the mouths of babes comes a special witness of Christ, and even eternal wisdom.

best wishes

Answer by lastworkerbee
I was forced to do this as a little kid. It was excruciating. I could never see why saying it over and over was necessary if it was actually true.

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The Mormon practice going to be brainwashed?

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