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What does it mean in the sentence あり ます チョムスキ 先生 の セミナ は 四 階 で あり ます?

Issue written by joseph: What does あります mean in the sentence チョムスキ先生のセミナは四階であります?

チョムスキ 先生のせミナ は 四階であります.

Why is the sentence above translated into “Professor Chomsky’s seminar meets on the fourth floor.”? You know, ありますindicates the existence of a thing, it doesn’t mean “meet”. Please explain

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Answer by Glipso

Correct. ありますindicates existence. ie. The seminar exists on the fourth floor.

チョムスキ先生のセミナは四階であいます – this would be to “meet”

Answer by Leftcoast USA

The reason is because translation is not a word-for-word replacement of the original text, rearranged for grammar. You have to understand what the original sentence means and express that in the target language.

あります is a perfectly natural expression in Japanese, but you don’t say that a seminar exists in English. A seminar meets. You have to understand and express accordingly.

Answer by ellie_japan

Professor Chomsky’s seminar will be held on the 4th floor

あります means the existence of things , its right.

There is a Professor Chomsky’s seminar on the 4th floor

is nearly a crude word-for-word translation.

Answer by Rotbuche (Red Beech)

First of all the Japanese sentence is not correct, I think.

You wrote:


But instead of the で there should be a に.



It means:

Is the seminar of teacher Chomsky on the fourth floor.

“Ni aru” does not mean “meet”. It means “there is”.

(In very colloquial speech some people say “Semi wa yon kai da yo.” But it is better to say, “Semi wa yon kai ni aru yo.”

Answer by Ms. Roboto

when used in the sentence that u mentioned, it means the speaker is persuading you to join a Geisha house. he is saying: “oh sexy Japan woman, you very good in bed. please show me your mosquito bites and i show you my chopstick. me love you long tym after that”

Answer by Felisha Godsworth

This sentence means Halelujah, Bible Sermon etc.Figure it out yourself, I am just a Nun.

Answer by Hannah M

The word “arimasu” (sorry, English keyboard!) does indicate existence, and I usually translate it as “is” or “has”.

The word “meet” in the English sentence you gave above could be substituted with the English word “is”, or the phrase “is held”.

Just a nuance of meaning!

Answer by livy l

broken japanese, ther is something

Answer by cskinn001

Simply because the translation was more casual and americanized then the actual japanese sentence. In japanese “au” (to meet) is used from the speakers point of view meeting someone, rather than how we use “to meet” when the proper dictionary word would be “to convene”. It, to me, is just a translation discrepancy where “to meet” in the translation is being confused for “au” (to meet) in japanese. The translation does not go both ways for both languages.

Now if you got an answer wrong on a test because of that, you oughta slap this profesor chomsky character because he doesnt know what he is talking about.

Be sure better?

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What does it mean in the sentence あり ます チョムスキ 先生 の セミナ は 四 階 で あり ます?

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