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What is the best way home asking families to leave?

Challenge created by army25chick2001: What is a nice way of asking your family to leave your house?

My sister will come over to my house and stay until the wee hours of the morning. My husband and I have tried the whole “I have an early morning meeting” routine and she doesn’t take the hint. My sister is untra sensitive and I really don’t want to hurt her feelings. Please any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by chocolateheaven

Have sex and make loud noise! This usually makes people uncofortable especially close relatives!

Answer by THATS HOT!

hehe!! well i know how you feel!! have you tried telling her that you are gonna go to bed!! or that it is probably a good time for her to leave since you have to get up early and are tired … well i dont have a sensitive family so i just tell them straight up to leave lol!!

Answer by Iceman711asg

Well one nice way to say is, “you know sis, it is great having you here and sometimes fun too. But in life, sometimes you have to choose the right time to do things…

Answer by desperateboy79

match her up with someone. let her boyfriend take care of her want time things tell talk special someone really nice life leave house home help going family families best asking alone What is the best way home asking families to leave? catholichelpmate blogspot com

Answer by elevenseven

Tell everybody that if all of them can go out to get the groceries cause a guest is coming over.

Answer by iAmGirl

Tell her you’ve made a new rule- no company after such and such a time. Don’t make a big deal of it…just tell her that you guys are early birds, and as much as you love staying up talking to her, it’s too hard in the mornings.

Answer by melie mel

i have an uncle just like that… just explain to her im not trying to be rude at all and i really enjoy your company but we’re ready to go to sleep we had a long day.. and were really ready to go to sleep.. and maybe set up this family game night once every month or so for family game night so you’ll be prepared

Answer by missorr_2005

what exactly is she hurting by being there? you are lucky to have a sister who enjoys being around you.

Answer by disturbedxxcalmness

Be honest with her.

Answer by peter_es_foto

Act like you don’t have a visitor and do all the normal things you’d do if no one else was there like burp, fart etc. She’ll soon get the message!

Answer by pdsmonki0809

Well you could give her a key and tell her…well we have to go to bed…so lock up when you leave. I mean she isn’t going to have much fun sitting in your living room alone. but I think an important question that you should be asking is “why is she spending so much time here?” I think that there may be something going on in her life that she might want to talk to you about.

Answer by rinaezz

Invite over someone she does not like and tell her, as if confiding in her, that you hope that person won’t stay long because you’re dead tired and need to retire to bed. She will probably even try to help you get rid of the other person then leave her self.


How ultra sensitive can she be if she is inconsiderate to your feeling and you have a husband. Girl I would simply ask her to leave and please call before stopping by again.

You are not wrong for wanting some alone time so put your foot down.

Answer by cute_mail

better talk to her frankly and explain her ur problem

if she finds that u r trying to avoid her, it will hurt her more than a frank talk.

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What is the best way home asking families to leave?

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