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What is the reason that I really like to read you?

Query created by sekalfnroc: What is the reason you love reading so much?

What is it about delving into a fantastic story that gets your blood pumping, why would you encourage others to read, what makes reading so special as opposed to watching a film? Tough question, I know!! For me, its about living a thousand lives through the eyes of your protagonist, becoming so involved in their lives, learning the lessons the learn, “meeting” the most interesting (nearly real) characters that continue to stay with me long after the book is read and back on the shelf.

Nevertheless this is tips on What is the reason you love reading so much? that you can really have to solve conditions for their own reasons. With a little luck this assists in several ways… to create your life considerably better. Needing tips on What is the reason you love reading so much? are generally a way out over the years.

Best answer:

Answer by redunicorn

I find reading relaxing and enlightening. It is like breaking a secret code and learning someone’s secrets. My grandmother taught me to read at age 2 with Jenny Wren. I have been hooked ever since.

Answer by Joanie

some are interesting, some are boring.

I love reading books, especially adventure.

The reason why I love reading are:

1) because we can learn something from it

2) It’s soo interesting, you just can’t stop reading their books

and 3) you can learn new words

I love books too much

Answer by I was elected 2 lead not 2 read

i love to read because it takes you into another world (if its a good book that is) and you can be a part of it. if you’re bored, had a bad day ,want to get away from the kids it’s only a few steps away! Read a book!!

i prefer books to their movies. Books give you so much more infomation and you can ‘watch’ it at your own speed, its not all crammed into an hour and a half so to speak. reading the books takes you on your own journey with the character, you imagine places how you believe they should look not the films folk.

Answer by riya

when i read, its just like when im watching tv, in fact i prefer reading because even with limited descriptions abt ppl and places, you can still imagine it the way u want. it challenges the mind i guess.. i mean it improves your imagination and all as compared to watching movies where you just,, basically i view a book as another universe, where you can escape reality. and it helps to improve your knowledge about the world in general and how other ppl think. i mean two ppl watching the same thing can come to different conclusions, so…yea. something like that.

Answer by nurses_and_bondage

it helps me sleep, it helps me further myself, i love getting completely lost in a book and forgetting all my other troubles,

its so much healthier than tv.. i don’t know i just love reading, i’m addicted xx

Answer by laheira2

For me, ther reason is fairly simple: a good book takes me completely away from the stresses of real life at least for a short while. When I was younger, the fascination was due to all the things that I was learning from reading books. Books introduced me to a lot of new things, concepts, ideas, etc.

Answer by Harry Potter’s Twin Sister

It’s a completly differnet world into which you can escape. Bad day? read Harry Potter. Don’t know what to do? read Harry Potter. In a happy mood? read Harry Potter. So basicly read Harry Potter everywhere at any time. I know I’m a fan freak.

Answer by penny m

It takes me out of the boring, mundane world and transports me into another world of vividness, and imagination. I become”friends” with the charectors and the authors, many of whom i visit again and again.

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What is the reason that I really like to read you?

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