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What the Mormon Church, sacrament meeting? ® What the Mormon Church, sacrament meeting?

Predicament by : Mormons, what does a Sacrament Meeting consist of?

I plan to visit a service at my local Mormon Church out of curiosity, and I read that many services include a “sacrament meeting.” What does that mean? What is involved in it?


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Answer by Ammon
There are three different service. Each one is less than an hour. So the entire block of meetings is an hour.

First there is Sacrament meeting. Second there is Sunday School. And third there is Priesthood for the men, and Relief Society for the women. Chat.

God bless.

Answer by Kagos
Not a Mormon but went to one last Sunday. Everybody sat down. A guy got up and introduced the seminary graduates. They accepted their certificates of completion. There were some hymns. A couple people got up and gave their testimonies. There was a reading from the Book of Mormon that tied into one of them. There was a prayer. They passed around the shredded Wonder Bread and paper cups of water. There were some more hymns. There was a closing prayer. Apparently the graduation thing screwed up the schedule a bit though. There’s a Sunday school kind of thing after. It’s also an hour long, and everybody’s welcome.

Answer by Mark
People are asked to give a short talk, there’s a LOT of singing (some of the hymns are well-known, some are LDS-based), and then the “sacrament” (which is pieces of bread and little tiny cups of water, blessed) is passed out, and people who want to partake do. Oh, and flyers are passed out when you walk through the door, so you don’t have to worry about the order of things.

Answer by Flora Post
To add to the other excellent answers, the Sacrament is when we renew our baptismal covenants. Sacrament meeting is where we take the Sacrament, but as you learned it involves more than the Sacrament. The meeting usually follows this order:

Welcome: Member of the bishopric (lay ministry) conducts the meeting. He gives a welcome and makes any announcements

Opening hymn

Opening prayer

Sacrament Hymn: While we sing priesthood holders prepare the bread and water.

Sacrament: Priesthood holders first bless and then pass the bread, which represents the body of Christ. Technically only members should take it, but nobody will be upset if a non-member takes it. Next the water, which represents the blood of Christ, is blessed and passed. After everyone has received the Sacrament, the priesthood holders take the trays back to the Sacrament table and are then dismissed by the bishopric member who is conducting. During the Sacrament the trays are passed from row to row, so when the tray reaches you, take the tray even if you don’t plan to take the Sacrament and hand it to the next person and hold it while they take the bread or water, they will then take it from you.

Talks: Members of the ward will then give talks. There are usually three talks, a youth speaker and two adult speakers.

Rest hymn: Between the two adult speakers.

Closing hymn

Closing prayer

Answer by joshsy
I think this is the first time I’ve seen a question about the Mormon church and all answers seem spot on and well intended.

I can’t even come up with an answer to your question because I’m amazed at the good answers so far.

Just show up and enjoy the service, it’s a bit different but it’s great hearing from new people each week.

Answer by Andy Colter
The funniest one is the Endowment Ceremony and this is usually attempted on young men around 14 or 15 or so who need to seek bigger frontiers for their John Henry’s. Although the cult skimps on the expense of the enlarging apparatus, the ceremony is always a fun filled event as Bif tries for a bigger Wang and we are all there to support him on this sacred quest for a longer weenie!!?

Fully grasp far better?

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What the Mormon Church, sacrament meeting?

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