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Who support themselves without a college education?

Real question basically by What never was and never will be: Who supports themselves without a college education?

I would just like to know what job you have and how much you make, if you like your job, if you are able to “make ends meet”. I know it’s possible, I would just like some real-life examples.

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Answer by Give Me Some Hope

Yes, it is possible to make a good living without an education. However, I believe that it is the exception, not the rule. People that are financially secure without a college education are usually very intelligent, resourceful, have good “street smarts”, ifyou will. They may have a natural talent for business.

Here are a couple examples of people I know off of the top of my head.

1. My friends father is a plumber and only has a high-school education. He started a business and hired a bunch of plumbers that work under him. He also goes out on service calls himself. He makes a good living, I am guessing maybe between $ 150,000 and $ 350,000″ He has a nice house and nice cars, etc.

People that get into the trades “construction, plumbing, electiricy, etc” can start their own companies and become successful.

2. The other example I am thinking of is my friends mother who is a realitor. She is extremely outgoing and and extreme people person. She has the talen to make anything look good. She can talk shit into roses. She only has a high school degree but she studied to get her realitors license late in life—late forties. She is doing really well.

The people with only a high school diploma that are the rule, don’t think outside of the box. They don’t see possibilities so they just keep on working their factory job and taking orders.

You could be a hair stylest. They make decent money…After you get a lot of clients you could open up your own salon.

Answer by cm4cm56973

i work in a factory making $ 25.00 a hour. we have 2 kids grown. my 3 bd 2 bath home will be paid off in 2 yrs.( 30 yr note, paid in 15 yrs.) my 2005 ford 150 paid off, her 06 Toyota camry paid off. my 07 honda gold wing, will be paid off in 6 months( 5 yr note paid in 2 1/2 years)

im planing on retiring at age 55, im 45 now.

its not how you make end meet…. its how you invest a manage the money you make. and stick to your budget. in the end, all your life’s plans will come true.

Answer by 963

Looking at it from a different angle, how about a quote from Winston Churchill?

The world is full of educated failures.

Just because you have a degree you are not assured of a successful, problem free life with all the bills paid. Usually it leads to a more complicated, materialistic life with plenty of debt.

Do know far better?

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Who support themselves without a college education?

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