Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You never met a famous football player ever?

Main problem from highburied: Have you ever met a famous soccer player?

I’ve met Michael Owen when he still played for Liverpool! I was a flag boy when Liverpool played Celtic and I stood literally 10 ft behind him!

Actuallly I guess that means I technically didn’t “meet” him…

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Most practical answer:

Answer by adidas

hahaha nice mate. i wish i could meet someone famous

Answer by jairo

of course ive met amado guevara from toronto fc . They are regular people just like you and me . They have just mastered simple mistakes we do on he pitch . i hope one day im a pro playing for manchester united

Answer by josh.kerrysta

yes, to meet them have insider information (my mate works for chelsea) and i went to a charity thing where the squad was an got a shirt signed by lampard and terry and i even got them to donate 50,000 each to the charity i work for.

ps. lampard is really nice and friendly but jt was a bit awkward.

Answer by SoccerStriker15

hah i wish. that would be awesome.

Answer by Cutie

That would be so awesome. I wish I could meet Kaka or Michael Ballack.

Answer by Loco G

Ive met Carlos Alberto “El Pibe” Valderrama and the rest of the Junior squad on an airplane, back in 1995, while traveling from Bogota to Barranquilla.

Answer by Flash Flood

Dejan Stankovic From inter. I went out to eat with him in Chicago with his family cause my friend Alex is brother in law and he knew i was a fan. I also have met All of the us and mexico national teams. Being close to Ochoa was amazing he’s my hero.

Answer by aj58078

Samuel Eto from Barca

Came to USA cup where I was coaching at. Gave a speech and everything. Then had a meet and greet with a few of us coaches.

Answer by Me 2009

I met Hugo Sanchez in San Jose when he was with Atlante in the mid 90′s. He was bad a*s*s

Answer by Chelsea FC

No. I saw one. Damarcus Beasly’s brother.

Answer by Danny

Gabriel Batistuta lives in Perth… I met him at his sons match. One of the greatest strikers.

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You never met a famous football player ever?

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