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Ask questions Lingerie Shower? ® Ask questions Lingerie Shower?

Doubt caused by kylew423: Questions to ask at a Lingerie Shower?

I’m trying to help my girlfriend out here. She is planning a game for a lingerie shower. The questions will be asked to the groom first then at the shower asked to the bride. She needs questions similar to those asked during the newly wed came. She isn’t necessarily looking for questions such as “where did they meet”or “where was their first date”, but more like “what is her favorite kind of underwear” or “what color lingerie does he prefer on her.” Can anyone suggest more questions similar to the ones i said previously?

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Answer by Dano
Not sure what you want, but here’s a try at it:

Shorts or skirts?

Pantyhose or garter belts?

Red or Black?

Front or rear hook bra?

Panties or none?

Shaved down there or not?

Tatoos or none?


Heels or flags?

Answer by glowingpurpleaura
boxers or breifs

lace or satin

lights on or off

Answer by K
What does their fiance smell like in the morning?

How old is their favorite pair of underwear?

How often does she shave her legs?

What food product would they most like to lick off of each other?

Does she look cute in the morning?

How many days has he ever gone without showering?

Does she like the smell of his undershirts?

Do they like the way they look naked?

What are their favorite body parts on themselves? On each other?

Another fun game is to write down the exclamations that the bride gives as she’s opening her gifts and then read them back later as what she will say on her wedding night.

Have fun!

Answer by artsy1
You might find some ideas on the following site:

Answer by Johanndy
K has them all ….I mean, girl, you’re a genius, I’d only add one more: has he ever smelled her underwear?…

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Ask questions Lingerie Shower?

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