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The "new" marriage or a lover of the opposite sex in a relationship is fine when you meet friends? ® The "new" marriage or a lover of the opposite sex in a relationship is fine when you meet friends?

Idea created by Daddy’s Girl: Is it ok when married or in committed relationship to meet “new” friends of the opposite sex?

ex: like at grocery store, gas station, bar etc.

My husband says absolutely NO new “male” friends! I can only be friends with the males I went to HS or College with that I new before him!

Is this common? Fair? Respectable? OR is he insecure?

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Answer by Zee ♥
My boyfriend, who is not my husband YET, he says no friendship with any male friends — he is just the jealous type. It makes me feel good you know, means he loves me and all. But it gets scary sometimes, and the funny thing is, it is okay for him to talk to female friends. Talk about double standards — OH WELL.

Answer by Alsa
That’s pretty insecure. He’s basically saying you can’t have an adult friendship with half the population. You need to set him straight and possibly go to counseling to get to the root of why he is so jealous of other men.

*edit – Just because other men do it too does not make it OK. And ‘Oh well’ is not much of an excuse. Being controlled by a man is never OK. Let’s break the cycle so that our all sons can grow up to RESPECT women as EQUALS.

Answer by Shannon
Difficult to navigate.

Have you given him a reason to not trust you?

He shouldn’t be controlling you like this though.

It is a common understanding that married people do not make new MoS friends. You can make new friends together or friends with other couples; not MoS friends on your own.

Read the book in the source.

Answer by ann s
you can be friends and just friends with anyone you want

your husband should not tell you who you can be friends with

Answer by Latin G
He’s right

Answer by Poppet
He’s insecure and controlling. Not traits I admire.

Answer by Tell it like it is! Get over it!
A male friend that is ONLY YOUR friend….NO! but mutual friends YES

Answer by Janay
If he is only your friend and not his I dont think thats right! What if he went to the movies with a female without you just because they were friends???? Hell no!

Answer by It is only my opinion
I think it is fair honestly. I still talk to males I knew before my husband. Its ok to talk and converse with other males besides your husband, but not like go out to dinner or exchange numbers. But that is my opinion.

Its not about being insecure. You just don’t want to get into tempting situations. Know what I mean? More than friendship could develop.

Answer by BabyGirl
Actually, he’s being ridiculous! Of Course it’s OK to meet new male friends…..doesn’t mean you’re gonna jump into bed with them! Does he really believe “old” male friends from HS or college are safer than new male friends??? That doesn’t even make sense! Your husband is a very insecure person! He needs to address THAT issue.

Answer by Big J
No, he is right. You can meet new women to be friends with. You can be friends with your husband’s friends, you can be friends with your friends’ husbands/bfs, but you should not be meeting new guys because they don’t want to be your friends. They want to f*ck you.

All the women here that are saying “You can be friends with who ever you want.” How would you feel if you husbands went out and started chatting and making friends with women they meet in the grocery store, online, at gas stations or where ever. That sounds like he is trying to cheat on you doesn’t it? Would you believe him if he said “We are just friends.” Would you believe that? Not for a second even if he was telling the truth. So now put yourself in his shoes. Is her husband being controlling? No, he just doesn’t want his wife to be in a situation where he is unsure about what is happening.

Answer by kimmn1974
Depending on where you meet this person at. Sounds like he is insecure about where you are meeting these men.

Do more research on this issue and find out why he is so jealous and demanding this of you. I would also turn the tables and he is not allowed to meet any other woman. Don’t let him control you or that will be your life forever.

Answer by Julia
It is generally not appropriate to establish new friendships. Starting up a friendship with a guy at a bar, gas station is not wise. As much as you may not want to believe it, even when you tell them you are married, they are still attracted to you. If it was someone you met at school or work and you had something in common it may be different. And then you would still need to show your husband respect and not be alone with him, introduce him to your husband, etc. Your husband is a man and knows how men think. And most importantly, it makes him uncomfortable.

My husband doesn’t care. Most of my friends have always been male, but they also know my husband. And although my husband wouldn’t care, I don’t spend time alone with them. The few times I would have them pick me up and would be alone with them, I always asked if my husband minded, even though he didn’t care. I respect and love my husband enough to make sure that I don’t even allow there to be any room for any question about my behavior. And there are certain topics that I do not speak to male friends about… and that is my relationship with my husband, intimate details, etc.

Answer by SoftWear
COMMITTED relationship means no new opposite sex friends. Why would you want to talk to other guys, aren’t you happy with the one you have.

Answer by April C
Anyone can be friends with who they want. No one has the right to stop you. i say it’s insecurity. he should be able to trust you, besides if the guy gets too friendly you can always show him your ring or simple say you have a nice guy you love in your life already.

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The "new" marriage or a lover of the opposite sex in a relationship is fine when you meet friends?

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