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Suspended in the sky you can meet the baby? ® Suspended in the sky you can meet the baby?

Consult basically by STO: Could you meet your aborted baby in heaven?

So I kinda have this vision that when I die I meet my baby. In a way, meeting the baby that I had aborted seems kinda like the man who raped you meeting “his” child, but I regret getting an abortion and when I think of having kids in the future I feel really bad. So could you meet your aborted baby in heaven?

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Answer by Karl P

Answer by Monica P
no unless you baptised it

Answer by Rachel
YES. no doubt, he will be there.

Answer by Precious Little Girl

Answer by gadjitfreek
If it did not accept Jesus Christ as its personal lord and savior, then I am afraid not.

What a horrifying question.

Answer by Mary Sunshine
It’s stuff like this that makes you hope that there really is no after life.

I mean isn’t it simpler just to die and be done with it and not have to care or worry or matter anymore?

Answer by Allen
I had some pretty strong feelings about a fetus of mine that got flushed… Years ago.

It actually is what spawned me to think a lot more about religion.

Now I’m a full on atheist.

So no, I do not believe you will talk to your dead baby. It is just dead.


(I’m pro choice, but I wouldn’t do it without thought.)

But really, I don’t have any choices… But I support their choice.

Answer by Michael
yeah I’d like to think you’d be able to meet your aborted baby.

Answer by Hawking A-book
Yes, and there have been apparitions of Mary to that effect. ALL things can be made new. Abortion (repented) is no exception.

Answer by Juicy
Oh! Well the thing is… that’s really a double edged sword… because you need a soul to go to heaven. When you had an abortion, you aborted a fetus… which wouldn’t have a soul. So no, you wouldn’t meet it in heaven. The bigger problem is that if you feel that your fetus DID have a soul… then what you did was murder. And you will be the one who may not be going to heaven.

Answer by Diamanda Thistledown
You poor girl.

Answer by Pedro-The Hylian
Abortion = murder = highway to hell

Answer by Momo’s got some nice looking cupcakes
If you believe in Heaven, then sure. You can meet anyone there.

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Suspended in the sky you can meet the baby?

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