Saturday, April 13, 2013

How am I supposed this homework? ® How am I supposed this homework?

Doubt created by Mira: How am I supposed to do this homework?

We’re supposed to record ourselves speaking french on our virtual textbook, simple enough but then I saw the directions.

“One of your classmates introduces you to his French friend who is visiting from Paris. In groups of three, create and act out your first meeting.”

Our teacher never told us we would need several people for this, so now I don’t know what to do. I was considering using my cat and a talking stuffed animal. To be honest I’m not even sure my computer can record things. How can I do this assignment?

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Best solution:

Answer by Kailyn
Are your parents around? Any brothers or sisters? They could be useful. Something is better than nothing, (I learned that the hard way…) so don’t just give up. If you have to, use your stuffed animal and your cat, because at least you’re putting in effort. If your computer can’t record things, try talking to your teacher tomorrow morning and asking her/him if you can perform it live as opposed to having to record it.

Obviously you can’t bring in your cat… so try with two stuffies? Sorry, I’m trying to be helpful!

Good luck, hope everything goes okay.

Answer by BB
If it’s due tomorrow, you’re screwed!!!!

I don’t think a cat or a talking stuffed animal qualify as classmates. So either quickly get some classmates together and get it done, or if that’s not possible, make up something so you can get an extension on the project (i.e. you got in a car wreck, someone in your family died, etc.)

Have any idea far better?

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How am I supposed this homework?

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