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Where and how did you meet "the one," How are you okay?

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I wanted to know because I’ve heard of people meeting them at the clubs and other sorts, but how an d where did you meet “the one.” I guess it’s like how I met your mother.

Definitely tips on Where and how did you meet “the one” and how did you know? that you can want to resolve conditions his or her self. Ideally this can help in many ways… making the way you live much better. Wishing tips on Where and how did you meet “the one” and how did you know? could be an answer down the line.
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Answer by Kynnita
okay its not somthing i can tel you or we can tell u it just feels right with ur partner do they make u laugh when they walk in the room do yo smile do u never want to leave thim then yes they are ‘the one’ i hope this has helped

Answer by BRIDEtobe
I met my fiance through a mutual friend one night randomly when i was sleeping over at her house and her boyfriend phoned and asked to come over and said he was bringing a friend. He was 17 i was 16.

I knew he was the one, as cheesy as it sounds, when something good happened in my day and he was the first one i had to tell. He makes me laugh when i am completely upset and don’t want to be bothered. He is there for my no matter what, he can recall parts of our relationship and details at the drop of a hat, insignificant things that i didn’t think he even payed attention to. Top of the list though is the fact that i can’t see myself spending the rest of my life with anyone but him!

Answer by Sam
That more you look for the one 100% you won’t find em. Just go on about your Bussiness and along the way you will fid them. How do you know if he /she is the one? You get this lovely feeling in your heart body . Remember life is not a movie do it will not play out like a movie . It can only play out by the way our mid and heart think and beat.

Answer by Amber
I met my fiance in 10th grade in our biology class. My friends knew I liked him a lot and pushed me into asking him out. So I did, sorta. I wrote him a note that said “Hey, I think you’re cute and awesome and funny and I really wanna be your girlfriend.” After a year of being together and him being with me through the hardest times, I figured if he could go through all that, he must really love me. I could never see myself with anyone else. And now we’ve been together for four years and are getting married this August.

You sound a bit jealous Delores. You should fix that. Maybe if you had someone to love you wouldn’t be so bitter and unhappy

Answer by Delores Sanbourne
I can’t believe all these stupid kids who think they’ve “been through the hardest of times” with their high school boyfriend and that he’s the one. He ain’t!

Anyways there is no definition of “the one”, but it should be the man who loves you at least as much as you love them, who is there for you in the good times and bad, and who supports and takes care of you when you need them. Given that you don’t really know who you are until you’re pushing 30, you will probably meet the one after high school and college. Hope this helps.

Answer by Laura
I met ‘the one’ through mutual friends at a University party when I was 18 and he was 19.

Answer by tra la la la la la
i guess its just knowing that you would be willing to stick by this person no matter what and that you feel you can support each other every day. knowing you can be honest with them and that you can trust each other. plus knowing you are both willing to work at the relationship to make it happen.

im not convinced its like how i met your mother that is a sit com and isnt how real life plays out.

Answer by Estee
middle/ high school!

he got me preggo at 16!

Answer by Cara
Well, I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t believe in “the one.” I think there are a lot of people I am compatible with and could be happy with. I happened to run into “one of the ones” who felt the same way about me, and we agreed to stick with each other and choose not to choose anyone else. (I know this doesn’t sound particularly romantic or heartfelt, but I promise there is lots of love there

We met at the beach! We were on a retreat with the honors group we were involved in. It was the first three weeks of the program and we hardly knew anyone. At dinner one night I decided to sit with him and his friends, having been discouraged by the rest of the group, and we just started talking and immediately got along. By the end of the night, I knew I was really going to like him (massive understatement!). I found out there is a term for that in Japanese (“koi no yokan”) that describes the feeling you get when you know you will fall in love with someone, even if you haven’t yet, which is exactly what I was feeling. After four years of being together through good and bad times, being each other’s best friend, and doing everything we can to honor each other and our relationship, I’d say my intuition was spot on.

Answer by Queen Cheapskate!
I met my husband through a mutual friend of ours. Our first date was at the mutual friends St. Patrick’s Day party. We knew within weeks we we’re ‘it’ for each other. But we took our time, and built a strong foundation for marriage. We courted for 20 months, and then he asked me to marry him. Our wedding was on our 2nd anniversary as a couple.

Met: 3/8/1999

First date: 3/17/1999

Engaged: 12/25/2000

Married: 3/17/2001

Answer by Stacy
I met my fiance at a bar… he was playing drums and I was out with a friend. My friend knew him, and thought we’d get along so she introduced us. I talked to him for a few minutes and went back to my friends, a few minutes later he came over and set his phone down in front of me, I just looked at him and asked what the heII that was for… and he said “your phone number.” I thought it was cute, so I gave him my number. He called me for a first date the very next day, and we have been together every single day since then. We are getting married on August 10th, I can’t wait! I knew he was it for me for so many reasons, I wouldn’t even know where to start. But being with him made me feel at peace, and so incredibly happy. He’s my best friend.

I will also say I don’t know if I believe in the “one.” I lived in another city for years, and if I hadn’t decided to move back to my hometown, I would never have met my now fiance. I can’t believe if I had stayed in another city, I would have remained single for life. I think there are many people who can make you happy throughout your life.

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Where and how did you meet "the one," How are you okay?

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