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So that other private schools? ® So that other private schools?

Consider made by Jenny: Is private high school really that different?

My mom is thinking about having me switch to private school so i will meet “people with higher values.” i really think this is a load of crap. I mean people in public high school can have high values. I think she just wants me to go to a private HS because she did. Anyway, is private high school really that much different?

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Answer by brandi a
Nope. People think the kids are better. They’re not. No matter what high school you go to, there will be some kids with crappy morals.

Answer by Wolfgang M
Yes. Not the students per se, but the actual school. They are usually a lot smaller and organized. All of the people seem to be almost clones of one another. Public schools seem to have move people with more diverse interests. But I wouldn’t say one type of school have people who are smarter or better than the other. Just because the parents decide they want to pay for their child’s education, that doesn’t really make the kids and different. I don’t think there is much of a noticeable difference really, besides the school its self. Go to either.

And btw, if it helps, I go to a private school and some of the people here are really dumb. All aren’t smart and completely good. People have been caught smoking, and doing other bad things. They’re just like regular schools, with regular people.

Answer by putuporshutup44
i go to a private school… and yeah.

i dont know about your particular school, but with a smaller class size in private school it can get hard if you need a break from your friends, and there is less diversity. in my school, the uniform stops any social groups and theres very few cliques, even less labels (mostly just artsy kids, jocks, stuck ups and then everyone else.) however, i went to public school for elementary and the only difference is the smaller classes so you get more attention and better facilities. just dont let your old friends go, you will deffinately regret it. i like my private school, and it could just be my particular grade, sometimes i cant stand anyone.

Answer by Jessica
I just came from 11 years of private school, and this is my first year of public. I loved private school so much because of my friends, but i really don’t think its that different. It obviously has wayyyy more kids (my old school only had 500 kids), but really that’s it. Oh, and every thing’s much more crappy, because the government is funding it. But it’s cheaper, (or is it with taxes?) and we don’t have to buy our text books new, so that’s good. You’ll probably have to buy your textbooks.

I think you’ll like your new school. Have fun!

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So that other private schools?

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