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How to get a woman in bed?

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Challenge made by James Dean: How to get a girl in bed?

Once I get the girl in the room, I take her pants off and then start to take her panties off then she stops me and says “we just meet.” another time I brought this drunk girl to my room and I was close to having sex with her and then she passed out.

@Violation Notice- I thought about having sex with her when she was passed out but I think that its rape…

This will be facts about How to get a girl in bed? you will ought to resolve issues ourselves. Hopefully you like it will help in several ways; and will make yourself much better. Hoping facts about How to get a girl in bed? happens to be an answer within the foreseeable future.
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Answer by Sure, Sure
Watch the Jersey Shore.

Answer by London Babe
Your suppose to care about the girl before you even think about having sex with her.

London Babe

Answer by AnswrsMan
Wow. Such failed attempts.

Hard to say since you don’t say what kind of girl you want. If it’s a shy one, you go very slow and see if she gives you hints. If it’s a hoe/bad girl, then, their’s your answer.

Answer by Aj
if you lie, buy her expensive shit, and agree with everything she says, you got it.

Answer by Maxwell M
Lmao. dude you can’t act like a chicken with no head. You gotta know what you’re doing. First, you gotta set the mood.(music). Once you get her to kiss you, while your kissing her slowly start rubbin her vagina (to get her horny). An easy way to get her horny fast is to suck on her neck. After shes horny theres no way you aint hittin that.. lol soo good luck to you buddy.

Answer by Mckeηηα Loves яicky ♥♥
your a TERRIBLE person.

sex with a drunk girl is RAPE by LAW look it up.

at least you did not rape her in her sleep though.

you need to get protection if your going to get easy girls..

if you want good pussy you need a girl that has had sex a little. then go out and after a while you can do the nasty.


@Violation Notice actualy it is rape. if she has ANYTHING in her system or even thinks she did hes going to jail. i took a sex offender class.she doesnt even have to say no if her body language suggestes she doesnt want it its rape. if he says he will tell everyone shes a whore and no one will like her (Or anything like that) its rape. If she whispers no its rape.

if you like jail, and having to go around the block and tell people you are a sexual preditor then go for it!

Answer by Leah
Well, next time maybe try loving the girl.


Answer by α gιяℓ.
Ask her parents what her bedtime is.

Answer by Hondagirl209
Hahaha Wtf Are You Doing Having Sex With A Drunk Girl.


Answer by Wdkg


Lotsa thumbs down.. Sheesh you guys have no sense of humor. Clearly this person is a troll, no need for useless serious answers that this guy is probably just laughing at.

Answer by Kellie Penington

Answer by Astra
First, don’t try with drunk girls. It will always lead to trouble. Second off, you are getting them to your room, just not closing the deal. Four-play will help get you there, but not too much. Kiss and fondle, then move to taking her clothes off from the top down. Pretty much, don’t try to jump the gun.

Answer by Leslie
if your asking this question your obviously not trying to do have a relationship with her! just simply sex! which i think its selfish and stupid of you! if a girl hasnt had sex with you is because she doesnt want to! & you cant force her! so i suggest u stop trying and let it happen naturally as it should be! i hate when guys think were just objects that can be used however they feel like it! because were certainly not!!!! get that!

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How to get a woman in bed?

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