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How to do cool stuff on myspace? ® How to do cool stuff on myspace?

Quandary by mcc11783: How to do cool stuff on MySpace?

I’m new to myspace and I’m still trying to figure it out. How do you change the background and stuff? How can I add a picture of someone under “who I would like to meet”? Finally, how can I add a picture slideshow on my profile? I cant seem to figure these things out, but I see other people do this stuff in their profiles. Please help me.

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Answer by Vicious
*sigh* I am going to include a helpful link in this answer, because I would much rather you learn HTML (it may take two days if you’re a slow learner, its really easy) than copy from a third-party site. has tutorials on just about everything there is dealing with computers. You will need the hands-on HTML knowledge, becuase without it you can copy and paste code from shady sites and add to the number of viruses, spyware, trojans, and other various malware that are embeded into so many myspace profiles.

Also, if you are going to use myspace and browse profiles, make sure to have a spyware detecter such as Ad-Aware SE, and a good virus program on hand. Otherwise, you can easily kill your machine. I’ve seen it thousands of times, I work with computers for a living.

Answer by PooPa ScoOpa
go to

Answer by bob
myspace sucks stop going on it

Answer by Mr.TickedOff
Try this

It includes instructions for placements. Altho myspace has been slow and full of errors lately.. I finally gave up on them and posted a big overlay that I had abandoned the page so people won’t add me anymore.

Answer by mrs. nighs
how i do my background is go on someones profile with a background click on what they used I used myspace pimp of something like that and to add music you just click on what you like

Answer by aaayush

Answer by Chika Linda,, for a slideshow.

Answer by hOnii bUnCh
okay when you get the HTML code and everything for your layout go go to {on myspace} you goto home :

then Edit profile

then paste the code in the about me section

here are some layout sites{they kindah suk}

go0d luck if you ne3d some more help e~mail me

or my myspace is

okay for slideshows

or get a photobucket {}

or picturetrail {}


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How to do cool stuff on myspace?

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