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How this person is texting me How do I get it to stop?

Uncertainty created by tangible_star]]: How do I get this guy to stop texting me?

I’m a junior that just transferred in to a new university so I don’t have any friends other than the ones I already know. in one of my classes the teacher made us do this “speed meeting” thing to help us get to know people in our class and said we could give each other our numbers. one freshman seemed to take a liking to me and won’t stop texting me now this texting stop person How this person is texting me How do I get it to stop? catholichelpmate blogspot com I’m not interested and since he’s talking about more than the class I need some help on how to get him to stop. I’ve tried not texting back but it doesn’t work, any ideas?

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Answer by terianred

wen he texts u respond by said whats up with u leave me alone thanks

Answer by nancy

you can block his number.

Answer by duh_doilooklikeafrenchfry2u

Just keep ignoring the text, eventually it will either stop or at least slow down. If not change your number. Thanks for asking.

Answer by LovelyT

Honesty is the best solution! If you feel comfortable talking to him in person than tell him you are not interested in him in a romantic way. Ignoring texts doesn’t let him know how you truly feel. If he continues texting you, block his number.

Answer by Shyann

Block his number that says it all and will stop the annoyance. If your phone doesn’t do it call your carrier they can do it for you.

Answer by Bulletproof

Lol no send him:

Error message 45265: This number is unavailable and further messages will be charged to your account.

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How this person is texting me How do I get it to stop?

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