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Why do you think they get special treatment?

Inquiry from PolicĂ­a de la Inteligencia: Why do they think they get special treatment?

Conservatives have been coming to toenahll meetings strapped with guns and loud, voices that quickly has become a townhall fight instead of “meeting”. Why is it that they believe they are being done wrong when they thought it was right for Gates to be arrested for this supposed behavior at his OWN HOME? Boy, these people…

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Answer by Obamanable Faux Man

There is no meeting when there is no bill to talk about. How many bills are floating around in D.C.?

They’re marketing an idea prematurely — trying to get Americans to rally behind a generalized idea…like “reform” which 99.99999% of people believe we need.

They get away w/ carrying guns and expressing themselves b/c those rights are assured them by the Constitution and reinforced by the States.

Granted, taking a loaded gun to a press-conference isn’t exactly conducive to a fruitful debate. That being said, Code Pink comes to mind as well, the liberal cesspool of an organization — Urine balloons, machetes, clubs, etc. etc…

Can dish it but you can’t take it? Seems like irrational actions make for good TV…and any publicity is good publicity, right?

Answer by gunplumber_462

Those aren’t conservatives any more than PETA and NAMBLA are liberals. They’re agitators.

Answer by jamie

lol we get special treatment?

rofl really?

no really?

and no gates did not provoke the officer ohhhhhhhh nooooo?

Answer by paul s

Conservatives are not like liberals. They don’t like to be lied to and when they have to take time away from being self reliant and taking care of their responsibilities, I must admit they get a little edgy. As to gates, he has everything he has because of racism. Had they not done everything they did because he was black, he would have sued for racism. It is my dream that someday the Sharptons and the Jacksons and the Gates all are forced to get jobs and the black people they have sold to eternal helpless victim status are set free and are allowed to participate in America.

Answer by Suzy

Y are all the libs scared of the conservatives and continue to write about them…you must concider them a threat.

Answer by Wade H

Neo – Conserfatives have all the political correctness of a drug dealer debating with his “top lieutenants” on if he should have to pay taxes on illicit drug sales so that the police can then be paid to catch him selling illicit drugs.

This is simply the principle fact of their existence; they fear any government.

It’s not that they do not know Liberal government has kept them all from goose stepping and saying: “Zieg Heil !”. They all know one simply does not win major wars by talking tough and spending everything but the kitchen sink on some sort of deranged neo-political NEPOTISM.

They state things they do in fact not feel are true on a regular basis; but they know in a farcical court all they need to be is truthful on some level (such as in an obtuse way ~ like “For Zero Tolerance” meant in reality for tolerance of Commander Zero, the Nicaraguan “Contra” leader selling anything in the way of dope in the USA with “his military” support ~ rather than anything that resembles the “whole truth”).

When a Neo-Con~serf ~ah~tiff is being vocal the norm is perhaps that he is either a goose stepping moron that for instance does not know that law enforcement fellows like myself were actually shot trying to stop our own government from getting elected on monies raised by selling drugs “in order to fulfill some twisted reinterpretation of a treaty”.

Thus, their ignorance shows.

Or it is they do know. And in that case they protest exactly as a drug dealer fear-full of being caught and shot, for treason.

But in either case the “SHOW” is simply that, a Hitlarian propagandist’s favorite tactic. Act angry and others will cow enough so as to seem to acknowledge your argument has some basis even when there is no rational basis for ANYTHING a Neo – Con Serf Ah Tiff says, other than Greed, Arrogance and Cruelty.

Outrageous statements work and students of Hitler know ( neo-con serf ah tiffs at least in their leadership obviously are such students ). Merely saying something as stupid as all Liberal jurists (or JEWS) deserve to suffer a period in prison (equivalent to die as there is no adequate monitoring of prisons in the USA ~ I know I was a guard) for Non-payment of child support (the moral equivalent of Hitler’s allegation of Jews holding back) to the USA (Germany) will get a response from idiots, that even well educated people are fearful of questioning.

They say they are outraged because they are not outraged.

But they desire very much to indoctrinate us.

So they do what those that indoctrinate others do.

And this includes lessening the average nutritional levels of Americans, because all students of indoctrination tactics 101 know that lower nutritional levels equates to higher indoctrination rates.

That’s why cults often feed newbies rice and only rice; it leads to higher indoctrination rates and thus fanaticism.

Get real.

Even the baby killer stuff is all about impoverishing the enemy and making him more vulnerable to de@dbeat daddy chants.

There are after all plain fool arguments in court on the definition of insanity post 1980 an election wherein a President got elected partly on the argument that : “those who break constitutional prohibitions against redistribution of wealth are going to be seen as insane.” And Neo-Con Serf Ah Tiffs love sarcastic court decisions that eat away the opposition. By calling the “Liberal” argument insanity that won WWI WWII and Korea and made America a place with public schools and infrastructure, Reagan was insulting us all, but worse he was calling 99.98 % of us legally insane and thus gifted his neo-political neo-party the “right” to argue all sorts of silly things in closed courts.

One of those arguments they can make is should perfectly sane Liberal Mr. X be forcibly drugged with date rape drugs in his sleep in “order to treat his psychosis (tax kleptomania) by allowing his sexual repressions to work themselves out in what is a normal way ~ for Liberals as defined by neo- con serf ah tiffs ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This leads of course to Reagan legalizing date rape drug possession.

And all sorts of rapes Liberals cannot recall because they were done under the influence of drugs that cause amnesia.

Perfect for felons who have since run up our debts to ten trillion dollars + Federal and 45 trillion dollars private, from a trade surplus and less than 1 trillion of debt.

Answer by Monkin

I’m not going to tell you that these people that you’ve seen wearing or carrying guns at Town Hall Meetings are or are not Conservatives. But having said that doesn’t it strike you funny that none of these people carrying weapons have been ask to secure their weapons in the trunk of their cars. And why are these armed people so visible yet no one makes an effort to contact the police, that doesn’t strike you as funny? Well it does me and a lot of other people. And why when one of the big name television commentators who has said he gets a prickling up his leg every time he hears ‘the Anointed one’ talk makes no comment you and I can clearly see a man walking around with an AR-15 and the president is talking inside? But let me ask you why didn’t the Secret Service take the weapon or place the man under temporary detention? Maybe its just me, but don’t you see something wrong, very wrong with this picture? Oh, could I be mistaken, but isn’t the Secret Service suppose to be responsible for the president’s safety?

Answer by Tiny Dan

it is legal to carry a gun , second amendment.

gates was race baiting the police and got arrested on purpose.

Answer by Dickie Back

Do you know what Gates said to the cops? Were you there? The people at the meetings are not yelling at cops and calling them racists

Do know better?

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Why do you think they get special treatment?

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