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Chisteans, why God put women on the ground, I and the true profession of the What is?

Consult from kitty: Chisteans only, why did god put women on earth, and what is are true job?

Why did god put women on earth, and why are we here, My friend told me , cause just to please men, and that’s all, is this true, what is our real job?

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Answer by God is Loving

To be you. This world is an illusion. Your body is an illusion. Gender is an illusion. Beyond the illusion you are a spirit same as any other spirit.

Answer by soccerstarrobert28

you have to have mens children

god didn’t want to have humans just multiplying everywhere like bacteria

We sin enough as it is

Answer by Sweetness

The Bible holds the truth,,,reading is a fine tool to use,,,,,,God Bless


Answer by Billy J

God put women on the earth for many reasons….to keep man company…to help populate the world….and to be second of the household…and not anything sexist like to do the dishes but sometimes women are the best at recieving the will of God and i think that is important

Answer by UFO – illegal alien

well i can only speak for myself. i work in IT as IS coordinator.

Answer by beta_fishy

Nope, that’s not true. The divine purpose for women is similar to that of men: To have joy and to learn and grow during this life in order to receive exaltation and eternal life in the life to come.

Answer by wolfseye

Basically, yes, to please men and bare their children, sorry.

I said I was sorry, but that is the basic truth, it’s apart of the cycle of life, and females have two free will choices, to have or not to have children (minus being rapped), but if you can’t accept the basic truth, don’t hate the messenger.

Answer by DD

“I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

That is STRAIGHT from Genises NIV

According to “god” men “rule” over women ….. doesnt sound like a very fair god to me.

Answer by Spunnkarma

Women, according to the Bible, were put on earth to be a companion to man and be his helpmate.

Answer by Esther

When God looked at Adam, He said, “it is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helpmate”. That is why God created woman.

I read someplace that He created her not from his head, for her to reign over him, not from his feet, that he should reign over her, but from his side, that they should be equally yoked together in love.

That was His plan. For a woman and a man to love and compliment each other, to be friends and be on each others’ side and care for each other. It is sad that things have gotten so complicated in modern times.

All will be put right again one day.

Answer by Mike D

If you strictly believe in Christianity, women were put on Earth to be man’s companion and to bear children…Are you seriously telling me there are christian women who don’t know that the various christian religions see them as less important then men!? Talk about BLIND FAITH!

Answer by Mae

The same reason men where put here to enjoy life and move and exist. Japath’s daughter was never married and lived a virgin all her life. Did that mean her life was valueless?

No quite the contrary, she was still a vibrant and loved individual. Was Ruth in the bible not a person after her husband died? No her and her widowed mother in law were blessed by God and had an ancestor to Jesus.

When God made us he made them male and female.

Nothing was said that the women was junk?

The women who go to heaven to rein with Christ are neither male nor female. Does that prevent them from ruling the earth from the heavens? God is not partial the bible tells us.

Male or female, Jew or Greek and it goes on to say we are all people in his eyes. Many women live rich full lives and never marry. In fact Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:39 says a women is happier if she remains single.

There is many problems involved in a marriage.

Perhaps in the future when the earth no longer needs people to be born that marriage arrangement will be done away with.

I feel certain there is a lot of women coming back in a resurrection if given a choice would chose not to get married again.

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Chisteans, why God put women on the ground, I and the true profession of the What is?

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