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Sunni and Shiite militia leader if you can not, what should I do?

Problem caused by MadLibs: What do we do if the Sunni and Shiite militia leaders are unable to?

come to peace terms if they are being attacked by suicide bombers? Just saw on CNN their “reconciliation meeting” ended a bit early with a bomb during their attempts to reach an agreement. Is that not what they Iraqi people want? An agreement and for some type of government to be established? How is that going to happen if the Iraqi’s protest their meetings. Whey would they protest their meetings?

Seriously then, how are we going to win this war if they are just going to keep blowing people up?

Where are all of the people that support the war? Do you only answer those questions that personally attack Bush? I want to hear some of your answers.

This may be things to consider about What do we do if the Sunni and Shiite militia leaders are unable to? that you will would be smart to resolve problems by themselves. We hope this will help to in lots of ways… and make the way you live much better. In hopes things to consider about What do we do if the Sunni and Shiite militia leaders are unable to? happens to be a response of the future.

Best solution:

Answer by Chad

I see no problem with letting them go ahead and kill each other. With any luck, they’re wipe each other off the face of the earth.

Muslims have killed more of their own civilians in their own internal strife than Bush ever will.



Let them kill each other. im really suprised they have anyone left to fight. they have been at each others throats for 2000 years. No birth control I guess

Answer by The Hunter

Even if they came to a peace agreement it would hold like the palestinian/israel agreements have over the years!~!

Answer by Steve C

I would plan on it…the area has been a battle ground for 2000 years. We aren’t going to change that…nobody could.

Answer by sharia_vigilant

It’s a nice thought but, it will never happen. Those poor people have been so backwards for so long.

It’s like parents trying to control your every move to keep you safe but, you have to learn on your own. They have to learn on their own, if ever.

Answer by Buzz

We should not do anything, let them work it out.

The only reason to intervene is if by “working it out” they take it out on us!

Answer by Lotus Phoenix

No one cares what the Iraqi people want. The US have their interest and Al Queda/the Taliban have their interest and none of it includes the desires of the People of Iraq.

Answer by wotzthepoint?

maybe it was some members of Blackwater doing the USA’s bidding (again), divide and conquer! Come on, its just getting more and more obvious that the USA couldn’t stand a united muslim world. Lose a few more truck loads of weapons, pay off a few desperate villagers. Maybe disguise themselves as iraqi’s to disrupt the meetings. Most of us accept that the USA has stooped to more lows, murdering women and children seems to be a constant in the usa’s warmongering.

Answer by zeldarblomqar

We should leave immediately and let them work it out whether they decide to live together or to break Iraq up into separate countries. This was all predictable before we decided to start the war in Iraq, and they’ve been conducting ethnic cleansing against one another ever since Saddam’s regime first fell. Huge swaths of Iraq are now populated by only one of the sects. Anything that we do now will be too little, too late. Just go.

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Sunni and Shiite militia leader if you can not, what should I do?

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