Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You legally can not love more than five people in your life do you think?

Trouble created by Marie: Do you think it is possible to legitimately love more than 5 people in your life?

Or do you believe that being in love with someone is limited to only one or two people? Is being in love that special or is it possible to legitimately be in love with multiple people in your life time?

The reason i am asking is because I have many friends who claim they love each boyfriend they have and each time a new man comes along, they claim he’s “the one”. In my experience, I have only ever truly loved one person. This man made me realize that the people I believe I loved before weren’t actually someone I was in love with and only someone who I believed I was in love with. In my opinion, I think it’s limited to maybe one or two people and finding someone you truly connect with is rare and that attraction doesn’t come along with every person you date.

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Answer by Gavin Lake

nope one true love

Answer by bugs

Yes, but it’s different every time.

Added re your details: I’m not talking about dating here. Love is not just attraction, it’s something that grows over time as you experience the ups and downs of life together. Many people who lose a true love to disease or an accident find someone again. But it’s different, because you’re older and in a different stage of life.

Answer by Original_Me

Even if you think you love them there is always that one person you want more than all the others, love is special, which means its limited some people are lucky to even experience it once, so in my opinion no.

Answer by actresslife

There is a difference between xaring about someone and loving someone. You can care about many people but you can only love one

Answer by John C

Yes. I love my children, my dearest friend, I even have a couple of ex’s I have some fond memories for. Love is not something to be guarded away but to grown and given to those who will accept it.

Answer by lothmak

You can love anyone you want.. but love as in a partner; there’s only one for you.

A person that can satisfy all your needs, and a person that you can satisfy the same way; not asking anything in return because you would both give your all to being happy. (talk, listeners, understanding, heck if it’s the one you wouldn’t even need to ask or give sex to stay together, and you would both care deeply for each others feelings and opinions).

Love is simply to guard and sustain; you can love your dog.. you can love your mom, your dad, your family; even your enemies. But love with the person that completes you is a different deal, you look for love and someone that you can complete just like that person would complete you -taking care of every necessity (intellectual, physical, and/or.. believe it or not.. economical). I actually like how they called it before; “helpmate”.

Answer by Molly

Normally it happen with 1 person, but sometimes our relation has been broken by some reasons. Life never end from one person. We have meet again some new person, who really care us, give the more and more love as compare to previous relation. Slowly slowly we forget the previous relation and make the new knot with new one. So, I think it is possible to legitimately love more than one people in our life.

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You legally can not love more than five people in your life do you think?

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