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What is the possibility of getting back to my ex-BF?

Issue from purple: What is the possibility of getting my ex bf back?

I and my ex bf met over internet. He liked me for the first sight and never thought I would like him too. We gradually got to know each other and got through hard times together. And he really fell in love with me like crazy. All he could think about was me. But he kept having some insecurities like “what if you dont like me when we really meet” etc. I kept being understanding and everytime he had this insecurities I tried to calm him down. And for sure, because of such a great love he had for me, I fell in love with him too. We were palnning to meet last September. But because of financial problems w couldnt. Then we decided to meet at the end of October. Again because he lost his job, he couldnt come see me. He was scared of losing me because we couldnt meet. But for me there was no possibility for this. I was ready to wait for him. In the mean time he lost his internet connection too. So we had to communicate over txts. But I realised he was not interested in me like he used to be. His txts was loving and just fine, but his voice on the phone was always deppressed. I did my more than my best to make him feel me. I was understanding, loving and patient all the time. Then he started to disappear periodically. He was txting me and then he was turning his phone off untill next day and always finding some good reasons. I was trusting him but I knew somethings was changing with him. When I told him about this, he asked me to be patient for him to find himself and he kept telling me that I was the best thing he had and that he loved me. He was just normal untill I couldnt stand anymore to wait his txt back for 6 hours. And I asked him if he cared for me and had time and place for me in his life. And if he really wanted this relationship. So he decided to speak to me about this. First he said he didnt love me like he used to. That was the first shock, When I asked the reason why, he said he missed me lots and what we had. He said that he lost his feelings even if he didnt want to. And when I said when he had his internet back we could fix it, he said he didnt think that this would fix the problem and then he decided to tell me the real reason. He met someone else 3 months ago and fell in love with her. But he says he still wants me in his life and has love for me. He wants to be able to speak as friends, in time. What should I do? I still love him despite all. Is it a good idea to sepak to him as friends and that could make himregain his lost feelings? Because he says he missed what we used to have; speaking every evening and spending everyday together.

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Answer by Ria Camille

You will really need to talk to him and ask him of his final decision. I mean he said that he is in love with someone else but he also misses you. Try to ask him if what is the real score between the two of you because obviously you are still in love with him. If he just want you as his friend, then the best thing that you could do is simply move on with your life. Being friends with him will just cause you more pain. You might want to check out this website to get more useful insights

Answer by Francisca

Well, if you are exs there is probably a reason for it. You can’t make him fall back in love with you, but you can be yourself and be nice to him. Try being friends for now, and if something works out, maybe in the near future you guys can hook up again. Other wise I know how it feels to still be in love with an ex. It’s hard, and takes time getting over. Make sure you read his signs, if he really wants nothing to do with you, then don’t waste your time and energy on him, he isen’t worth it.

Good luck!

Answer by Uadiale

Relationships end all the time, I should know because I’ve helped dozens of people in your situation before, and guess what? Plenty of broken relationships get repaired!

If your ex boyfriend means something to you, something that you don’t want to let go of, then you have to read every word of this article.

I am a guy myself, I know how to male mind works and trust me, by the end of this article I’m going to show you how to get right inside your ex boyfriends head that he is going to be begging for you to come back.

Ok, so the first thing I want to tell you is a big mistake I see girls making that don’t know how to get him back with them. You see, they try to use logic to persuade their ex boyfriend that they are the best for them.

One of my close pals split up with his girlfriend a few months back, and his ex was totally in love with him, so much so that she kept contacting me trying to persuade him to get back with her!

She was going about it totally the wrong way. She was sending him essays after essays on social networking sites and by texts about how much he meant to her, and how she is the only girl that “gets” him.

She then started going into detail about how well she treated him, how she was at university and was going to get a good job, how her family had money, all sorts of stuff like this! Can you imagine if love worked this way?

If you could convince someone to love you by sending a dossier over to them about the advantages of being in a relationship with them, then the world would just be full of guys learning how to write great reports to send off to supermodels!

Love cannot be ignited, or reignited, by logic. Love just happens.

Do you think if people were in love with each other out of logic, that some girls would date guys that treat them like dirt, constantly cheat on them and generally don’t care? Of course not!

Love is an emotional feeling, and if you want to get him back, you need to reignite the emotion that he felt for you when you were together.

Luckily for you, guys are quite simple beings. We can be easily persuaded by girls if they know what they’re doing, and you can easily learn how to get him back using the methods I’m about to show you.

First of all, you need to start rediscovering enjoyment in your life. Start hooking up with your friends and update your Facebook profile whenever you are out or doing something cool.

By indirectly showing your ex boyfriend that you are not just moping about, desperate for his attention, he’s going to realize that you’re an independent girl, and you don’t need him as much as he thought.

Next, you need to let you ex boyfriend know that you have accepted the break up. This doesn’t mean going up to him and saying “I’m glad we’re not dating”. It means admitting that the relationship wasn’t working and that you need time apart.

What you do NOT want to do is spill your emotional guts all over the place, as that is a big turn off.

Once you start applying these initial steps, you are ready for the re-attraction process, which is where you truly learn how to get him back for good. But what is the re-attraction process?

Have any idea far better?

Leave your own answer from a comments!

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What is the possibility of getting back to my ex-BF?

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