Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bakers like?

Challenge made by Bumble Bee: Anybody like to bake?

I live in Birmingham AL. And I want to start a bakery, but I need some help. I need a “helpmate”. You know someone who’s gonna stick with me through the thick batters and the thin…lol. I need a business baking partner. What do guys suggest??? Are any of you Wonderful Yahoo users good for it?!

Nevertheless this is info on Anybody like to bake? you will have to solve difficulties individually. Thought to be able this helps in many ways; and build everything significantly better. Who want info on Anybody like to bake? may very well be a simple solution later on in life.

Best solution:

Answer by John

i love baking,.but you’re too far away,…and relocating is not possible……….good luck

Answer by Geor-nae

I love baking but I live in Bermuda Wonderful Yahoo ways sure someone partner NC like Bumble Bee Anybody Bermuda Answer Bakers AL able Bakers like? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com

Answer by Rachel

Whoa, you live in AL? I live in NC, but I’m only 17 years old and still working for my license…sorry hun. But i sure do love to bake

Answer by cymru am byth

I do but i live in Wales

I can send you a few Welsh recipes though

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Bakers like?

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