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Prescription for 90 days too soon to ask?

Dilemma made by puercoesbueno: Is it too soon to ask for a 90 day prescription?

I had my first “meeting” with my psychiatrist two weeks ago. She gave me a month’s worth of prescriptions. She prescribed one 0.5mg of Ativan as needed, and 20mg of Prozac per day. When I see her tomorrow, I want to ask her for 90 day prescriptions for both Ativan and Prozac because it’s cheaper and more convenient. Are most psychiatrists reluctant to do this?

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Probably at first, yes. The first few months are to assess how well the medication works for you and whether it needs to be adjusted. it would be very wasteful to prescribe 3 months of medication and then need to change it the next month

Answer by MeAgain

It depends on the doctor, explain the reason for wanting to do this and she what the doctor says.

There is never any harm in asking.

Answer by Natasha

Most psychiatrists are reluctant to do this for numerous reasons.

When a psychiatrist first starts you on meds, there’s no guarantee that the meds will work for you. It takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks before you start feeling anything.

I understand that it’s more conveniant to you, and you can discuss that with her tomorrow and see what she says.

When I was started on meds, my psychiatrist would only prescribe me meds two weeks at a time. So already, going monthly isn’t too bad. But than, because I overdosed on my meds numerous times, I had to go buy my meds on a daily basis. DAILY .

So the best thing you can do is speak with you rdoctor and see what she is willing do to, if anything.

Answer by Lulabelle

In England they are. It sounds like you’re being treated for depression and/or anxiety, and most doctors like to monitor patients pretty closely for at least the first month or two of treatment. If you explain your dilemma, then your psychiatrist will do what they can to help, I’m sure. Some are able to dispense medication, but they must be certified as dispensing doctors (and not all are).

The Ativan is also kind of addictive (at least psychologically), so she will be wanting to make sure that you’re doing okay on that.

Talk to your doctor, is my best advice here, they have discretion to prescribe as they see fit.

Answer by Rebecca Morgan

The Prozac shouldn;t be a problem but the Ativan might be. Ativan is addictive and can be misused…. she may want to keep closer tabs on it for awhile.

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Prescription for 90 days too soon to ask?

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