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“Information meeting” for the job from what I can expect?

Trouble from Kitty: What can I expect at an “informational meeting” for a job?

This is a receptionist position for a doctors office and I was told to bring my resume, pen and paper. All that I know is that everyone who applied is going to be there and this is the “first step” in the hiring process. I’ve never been to an “informational meeting” for a job before….What can I expect?

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Answer by DAVID B

It’s a mini interview, sometimes called a ‘shortlist’. Treat it as an interview. Dress smart. If asked why do you want the job tell them you like meeting peope and relate well to others. Be prepared to give examples, at work or in private life. If asked what you can offer the company tell them loyalty, honesty and punctuality. An interview is no time to be modest! Find out as much as you can about the company in case you’re asked. Good luck!

Answer by Katie

I agree with David. Don’t consider it an informational meeting, consider it a first interview. Prep yourself as if you were going in for one. Arrive a few minutes early, dress professionally, make eye contact and shake hands, be prepared to discuss your background and to answer questions like “why do you want to work here” and “what do you know about us.” Have a few questions prepared as well so you’re not floundering in case the manager wants to spend an extended amount of time with you.

The pen and paper – maybe to fill out an application or something. I’m not sure why they would tell you to bring paper.

Chances are the managers want to get a look at you (and any applicant) to put a face with the resume and to do an inital screen. Saying it’s an informational meeting only gives them the chance to cut it short if someone is not a fit at all for the position, but gives them the flexibility to interview you if they so desire.

good luck

Answer by Maxine S

Hmm, sounds like your employer is eager to hire someone as quickly as possible. No matter what they call it, when you meet with a prospective employer it’s always an interview, just a different interview format.

Because the a doctor is short on time it makes sense to have everyone show at the same time so she / he can spend a few minutes meeting them. The office manager is who you will probaly meet first and if you pass their criteria you move onto the next level and meet the Dr. -OR you could interview with both of them at the same time. Either way, be prepared with your questions – make sure you at least ask what qualities are they looking for and, if it applies, state how you have demonstrated those qualities and give past examples. Because they are going to see everyone at one time, be sure to show up at least 30 min early – early bird gets the worm. Also, it would be a good idea to call ahead and say somthing like, “My name is…I’m looking forward to the meeting and eager for the position. In addition to my resume, writing paper and pen, should I also bring a calculator and will I need to bring a typing speed certificate.” Your follow up call lets them remember your name and their answers might tell you if there is going to be any on- site testing.

Instead of a piece of paper, I’d suggest bringing a new / clean writing tablet, least 4 copies of your resume – in a plain business folder, 2 pens for yourself plus a pencil. You might want to bring one or two extra pens – that way if you need to loan one out, you will show how you are kind, considerate and most of all – well prepared.

You will look neat and organized if you bring a professional looking bag / purse to hold everthing – keys, and whatever else you keep in your purse.

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“Information meeting” for the job from what I can expect?

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