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Was part of the religion or the Bible story sure you say anything?

Main issue merely by keys of passion: Which part of religion or bible stories convinced you it was nonsense?

When did you convert to non belief or get an epiphany moment?

Which part of the bible makes the least amount of sense to you?

Do you think there are traces of truth that got all twisted into illogical stories like the game whispers?

Were you raised with open minded parents who encouraged you to question?

What ultimately confuses me is the notion of a God just sitting on his laurels because he is “testing us” and just not doing anything about the world. The most nonsense for me is the whole idea of creation and Adam, Eve stuff.

Actually about Which part of religion or bible stories convinced you it was nonsense? that you will would need to solve conditions independently. With luck , this assists in many ways… and build your own life far better. With the expectation about Which part of religion or bible stories convinced you it was nonsense? may be an alternative in the coming years.

Optimum solution:

Answer by Biker for life

It was not just one story, it was the entire collection.

Answer by Gluon

Any and all parts that defy reality as we know it today…

Answer by Silent-H

The simple fact that different people believed different things.

If we’re talking about something as important as your eternal soul, one would think that the instructions would be clear and irrefutable. Having just learned the truth about Santa a couple years before, and seeing that adults didn’t all believe the same thing about religion pretty much told me the whole story. I was ten.

Answer by Photographer

When I went to university and started studying it academically, which is much different than the sunday school version of religion lay people are used to, I knew then it was all just badly written mythology..I was christian before that.

The bible is a fairy tale based on other fairy tales, and if you go to, you can download a book called Bible Myths and Their Parallels to Other Religions. It was written 150 years ago, and was used at Harvard Seminary. It proves that most bible stories were “copied and pasted” and aren’t even original, let alone real, and the priests know this too.

Answer by jessica [GORE]

The Apostle Paul and his prejudiced b.s. is what ultimately made me see that it was all crap.

A lot of the stories that Jesus told to teach his apostles are good, moral things. They just unfortunately happen to be in a religious context, so people think that morality comes from religion when it doesn’t.

I wasn’t. All four of my parents are Christian. My Mother is the Methodist while the other three are Baptist.

Answer by wefmeister

The day I got born again, even though I never knew there was such a thing and certainly didn’t expect it, I was forever convinced that the Bible is true.

Answer by Dass

Actually, I just one day went “Hell with it, I never believed any of this anyway”

Answer by Leo

I was 10 years old, it was the Christian school I went to which showed me that this religion was nothing more than an organised cult. It might surprise Christians to hear that this atheist, and many others, has read the Bible; how else can we disprove Christian myths? It doesn’t surprise me to find that the majority of Y!A Christians haven’t read a page of science, it shows too.

Answer by We Wish to Buy Your Shoes

I didn’t really think about it being real or not until my grandma told me that it all *actually* happened. Now, I’d been reading fiction for a good long time by that point, and I’d become pretty good at suspending my belief, so it baffled me that my grandmother couldn’t do so. She took it all as fact.

Then I realized that a lot of people thought the Bible was nonfiction and I was horrified.

Answer by Nic Jones

i think the bible is a series of poems not meant to be taken as literal as people take it. some guys came together over time to write an anthology pretty much telling you to be a good person and good things will happen to you. But i think for me, besides the fact that my life is the exact same after realizing christianity was a hoax, was the story of Job… yea so God and the devil are really up there making deals over some poor guys soul. I don’t think so…

Answer by Bleq Poindexter

It was the creation story in Gen 1 that did it for me. The order that God created things was nonsensical and unintelligent. The fact that God decides to create the Earth all over again, but in a different manner in Gen 2 was strange.

Also, the Noah flood story is suspiciously similar to the other flood myths, such as the Gilgamesh flood myth, and that made me question it.

Answer by loveyourlongshadows..

Actually, what pulled me away was my intuition. Many things triggered it, but in the end, it was really my intuition.

My folks had some mild Christian undertones, but overall, they encouraged me to follow my own path. My mom actually wanted to get me some books on Buddhism, since she thought that would be a religion I would really go for..funny enough, most of my spirituality contains elements of Buddhism. lol! But I reached that on my own as well.

Answer by I don’t believe in your God

The first thing that really pushed me off Christianity was the story of Noah’s ark. It was total bullshit that God would use violence and killing to solve sinful people he created and then drown millions of innocent babies and animals in the flood. The ark would have been impossible to build by 8 people, store every kind of animal in there (some animals kill others so after 180 days a lot of the animals would have already eaten eachother) and then actually keep a decent amount of eatable food to last half a year. The next thing I thought about was the Adam and Eve story. They had no knowledge of right or wrong because for one, they have been brand new to life. For another, they had no knowledge because they hadn’t ate the fruit so they weren’t able to know if disobeying God is really a bad things to begin with. Then you add the serpent saying “it’s ok, go ahead.” So then peer pressure would have kicked in. The story is stupid. God knew, considering he’s all knowing, that they would have ate the fruit so why does he get mad when they do what he knew they were going to do anyway? Now we are all going through all this punishment for their mistake? I could keep going on but those are the first two reasons I stopped believing it.

Answer by David G

I’ll tell you which parts of Evolution story make it an absolute joke – Natural selection and mutations cited as mechanisms for evolution – neither process actually makes new genes with novel functions.

Answer by auntb93

For me, it was never a particular moment or passage. It was that the entire Bible had so many things that were contradictory, or cruel, or irrational. I never got into believing in the first place, but just went along with it because my mother was a Sunday school teacher.

Answer by wishful thinking

I haven’t been convinced that it is nonsense. My parents didn’t ram the Bible down my throat, Christianity was an aduly choice that has served me well.

I don’t see what good it would do to answer these questions. You seem to have all the answers you need to live your life. Enjoy.

In the final analysis, for the believer, there are no questions, and for the non-believer, there are no answers.

Answer by JamesH

You asked, “Which part of religion or bible stories convinced you it was nonsense?”

ANS. None so far, after 48 years of studying the Bible.

Answer by gjmb1960

that jesus suffered for us. that this is god’s way to settle mistakes human made.

a god who can created a universe life doesnt need this kind of “making things up”.

Answer by •♥♦♣♠•

Noah’s Ark was really the only Biblical story I was exposed to, and that made no sense at all..

Answer by Jarame

Keep digging if you seek the truth. “The truth is out there.” The truth really needs to be known, but every religion I know of has it wrong. Jesus said that you are a god – you are a cocreator of the reality you experience. All the pain and suffering, war and starvation in the world is caused by the distance that people have from God. You are right that the Bible seems like it got twisted somehow – in a sense you are correct, and God did the “twisting” The Bible says that God hid the truth to separate the believers from the unbelievers. God is not sitting on His laurels, He is actively participating; whether or not He is real for you is based on how much you allow Him into your life.

Answer by Holly K

I was Christian until I walked away about fourteen years ago. What initially drove me away was the fact that my pagan friends were much more accepting and tolerant.

*One of the major issues I have is the view in the New Testament of Christianity. Jesus is portrayed as a loving person who had a meal with two people in the lowest occupations by societal view – a prostitute and a tax collector. He is noted to preach “turn the other cheek” and shows acceptance, but Christians I have seen do not practice this. He is quoted with saying something to the effect of “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” How many Christian follow that? He is said to be perfect, but he argued with his mother (a violation of the Ten Commandments,) and threw a tantrum in a temple (albeit a justified one,) although perhaps not the best way to handle it.

*Another point of contest is the drastic difference between the God portrayed in the Old and New Testaments. I do not even understand its the same religion. The Old Testament has concepts like “an eye for an eye” whereas the New Testament has “turn the other cheek.” Uhm, if God is perfect and unchanging, I missed something.

*Cultural aspects. Christianity shows women as original sin (I believe its called.) Why exactly is knowledge evil? We were given the ability to think, why are we not suppose to do so. I believe the phrase “helpmate” is used. The marriage vows are “Love, Honor, Cherish, and Obey,” in some instances. And of course, in Catholicism at least, divorce is horrid, regardless of circumstances.

*Catholicism: A couple weeks after the Catholic Church some years ago released that it would forgive pedophile priests, a statement was given that people living in what I believed was called a perpetual state of sin would no longer receive forgiveness through confession. (Mind you I have never been Catholic and may have the wording wrong.) But basically, pedophile priests, who sexually assaulted children, and had been sent by the Church, knowing what they were, to Fairbanks (another story) among other places, would be forgiven, but divorced remarried Catholics and homosexual Catholics would not. How exactly is being a predatory pedophile who, abused his religious authority, less religious offensive then being divorced or homosexual?

*Love thy neighbor unless they are different. This has always got me. People who want to dictate others rights based on Christianity, even in the US where Freedom of Religion is an Amendment to the Constitution. Like a man in California, I think, who wants divorce abolished. (That’s up there with laws having to be passed to make it illegal for husbands to rape their wives; obviously it wasn’t illegal before those laws were past.) States that still have anti-homosexual laws. (Consensual sodomy is a felony in places and homosexual men are targeted for enforcement.) Laws based on Christianity and double standards. Places where Christian monuments are on state land, but other religions, cannot have them on state land. Issues of rights differences between heterosexual and homosexuals. Marriage, in the very least.

I can rant for hours. I’ve been known to. Over all, I have major issues with Christianities claim for acceptance, tolerance and loving believes that are not in practice. I have problems with the subjugation of women. I have issues with the superiority complexes that result in minority groups not receiving equal rights.

And one last note. My favorite. The social justification of prostitution. The Bible saying it is better to spill ones seed in a prostitute then on the ground. Yeah.

Answer by James

There are more ? than I can reply to now but i am very interested in your questions. I think the violence in the bible was a big downer for me can;t not justify killing as the bible depicts, what god would have a chosen people? I was not raised by liberal parents and plowed my own furrow, looked for things that made sense and discarded the rest,I have read most of the bible, i think there are some great stories and a lot of wisdom but i am a of the opinion tha the bible is a selected collection of stories collected [and selected from numerous possibilities] that served the needs of the the church[and various powers] and has little to do with the human condition

adam x eve suck, snakes, apples, adams rib, ashamed of being naked, give me a break,

we can.t forget the other religions that are so similar and equally unfathomable

Answer by Mark

To Holly K:

I totally agree with everything you say.

I would very much enjoy having discussions with you from time to time.

Here is my e-mail:

Conversations only – no ulterior motives – LOL


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Was part of the religion or the Bible story sure you say anything?

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