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How about a preteen girl secretly in the night?

Trouble basically by Nikki: What to do about a preteen girl sneaking out at night?

My sister in law has been having trouble with her daughter; sneaking out, back talking and all the other typical preteen behavior. She just caught her sneaking out at midnight to “meet” with her boyfriend, and she doesn’t know what to do. Any advice I could give her??? Thanks!

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Answer by Alexis

Nail the windows shut? lol I’m actually 14 and have never experienced the need foe behavior like that. I’ve never even had a boyfriend. (And I don’t want one) Maybe she needs a better relationship with her Mother. Does her mom work? When my mom went to work we grew apart and i kept secrets from her and the whole family was really stressed out. Now that she’s home we have alot better of a relationship. I hope I helped!

Answer by Jessica

preteen is a little late to decide to start disciplining a child. time for some serious consequences to take place for bad behaviour.

Answer by marla

Put bars on her windows and take everything out of her room but her mattress. Remove all her clothes and everything – pictures off the walls, take away her phone, make her use the family computer for school use only, and mom can pick out what she is going to wear to school. Tell her this is how bad life can get for the an ill behaved bad tempered and disrespectful child. Tell her that she will get her stuff back when she learns proper respect. Then after a few days let her have some of her stuff back – after a week some more – by the end of the month she should be back in business with a new understanding of how bad life can suck and how good she really has it.

You have to play hard ball with these kids. Use to be you could smack then upside the head to instill a decent amount of fear, but now you have to give them something else to be afraid of. Taking away everything that they own is the new beat their but until its red. And considering what little girls can get themselves into (lots of girls are having sex by 10 now) I don’t think putting fear into her is a bad thing. She must learn her limits, and sneaking out is major ground for punishment.

Or you could sit down and have a nice long chat that she will not pay any attention to and will make her feel empowered. She will be thinking – dude that’s all I get, totally worth it.

Answer by oh no it’s her!

Duct tape her mouth shut. Lock her in a steel cage. Make her watch continuous episodes of Dr. Phil.

Answer by Jeremy

nail the window shut

if on the second floor find what she is using to get down and remove it

and punish her grounding, taking away privileges it is a parents privilege

Answer by In Pursuit of Happyness

Goodness, I wish I knew what to tell you. I’m experiencing the same behavior from my 16 year old boy and I don’t know what is considered normal teenage behavior or when it becomes indicative of a deeper problem. Sorry, no answers, just want to commiserate with your sister in law!

Answer by Lone Ranger

Do what they used to do in the olden days.

Let your sister turn her over her knee and give her a good old-fashioned spanking.

A preteen sneaking out at night is very dangerous her life could be in danger

and thus this drastic punishment is called for.

I’d rather have a preteen with a smarting butt than one that can be raped, killed.

So now a spanking doesn’t seem so bad does it?

Good Luck

Answer by WowzImzBored

When you notice her gone lock your windows and doors and let her stay outside

what do you mean by Meet?

Answer by college student

Like lone ranger said above spank her. Also ground her and have her write lines or an essay. Talk to her about why that behavior is bad.

Have any idea a lot better?

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How about a preteen girl secretly in the night?

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